Meet Camryn, Metro Parent November 2014 CoverKid – VIDEO

One thing’s for sure: It’s tough to put Camryn, 7, of Westland in a box. Whether it was being “uptight,” “bossy,” “ditzy” or “nerdy” – or channeling her inner “tomboy” and “princess” – this kid was definitely a tough one to typecast.

Which made Camryn a prime pick to help Metro Parent capture the essence of the cover story of our November issue, which tackled why the words we apply to our daughters can actually hold them back – whether those words are overtly negative, somewhat neutral or even seemingly positive. After a flurry of costume changes, Camryn – who opted to keep on the suspenders and black-rimmed specs – dished a bit on getting into character(s), making breakfast, the one outfit she found “weird” and her own label for herself: Being the “glue” of her family! Check it out:

For a second year, Metro Parent teamed up with MESP (that’s the Michigan Education Savings Plan) to host our CoverKids contest – and invest in local kids’ futures. Think of MESP as a 401(k), only for your child’s college, vs. your retirement. The money you put in it is tax-free, thanks to its federal “529” status. You can start one up with just $25, and contribute as little as $15 per pay period. There’s no limit to how much you add annually, though the max account balance is $235,000. Your kid can ultimately use the cash for tuition, room and board, and other college costs.

Interested in your kid being on the cover of Metro Parent magazine? Keep checking the Metro Parent CoverKids page. We’ll be looking for cute kids for our 2015-16 covers around spring of 2015. Natural self-confidence, poise and personality are what it takes. You never know: Your kid might wind up in the spotlight, too.


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