Meet Yasmin, Metro Parent September 2014 CoverKid – VIDEO

Sporting a pair of braids, intense look and – with the help of a water spritzer bottle – a glistening athletic look, Yasmin, 12, of Farmington Hills made the cover of our back-to-school issue a real winner.

Yasmin, who’s also lived part of her young life England (and has the accent to prove it), set the tone for our story about how local sports moms strike a balance between supporting their kids and keeping a level head, the cover story of the September 2014 Metro Parent.

It was a pretty good match, too, since Yasmin herself is into sports – basketball, swimming, gymnastics and soccer, to name a few! She’s also got a pretty serious crush on two of the lads from One Direction. Want to know which ones – and what went into the creation of this cool cover? Check out our behind-the-scenes video:

For a second year, Metro Parent teamed up with MESP (that’s the Michigan Education Savings Plan) to host our CoverKids contest – and invest in local kids’ futures. Think of MESP as a 401(k), only for your child’s college, vs. your retirement. The money you put in it is tax-free, thanks to its federal “529” status. You can start one up with just $25, and contribute as little as $15 per pay period. There’s no limit to how much you add annually, though the max account balance is $235,000. Your kid can ultimately use the cash for tuition, room and board, and other college costs.

Be sure to meet all of our CoverKids winners for 2014, who were announced in the June 2014 issue and will be appearing on our magazine covers until early 2015.

Interested in your kid being on the cover of Metro Parent magazine? Keep checking the Metro Parent CoverKids page. We’ll be looking for cute kids for our 2015-16 covers around spring of 2015. Natural self-confidence, poise and personality are what it takes. You never know: Your kid might wind up in the spotlight, too.


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