Jamerson, September 2015 Metro Parent CoverKid – VIDEO

What makes a “good guy”? When it comes to Jamerson, 7, of Northville, we’d say it’s a kid who loves snuggling with mom, playing with dad and pizza and puppies. Oh, and he has a knack for telling a reeeeeeeally long joke.

Jamerson shaped up to be the perfect gentleman to appear on the cover of the September 2015 edition of Metro Parent, which is all about how parents can raise a ‘good guy’ in today’s day and age.

Why not see for yourself? In our little behind-the scenes video, Jamerson delivers his joke and offers some genuinely sage advice about how to conquer your fears.

For a third year, Metro Parent teamed up with MESP (that’s the Michigan Education Savings Plan) to host our CoverKids contest – and invest in local kids’ futures. Think of MESP as a Roth IRA, only for your child’s college. The money you put in it is tax-free, thanks to its federal “529” status. You can start one up with just $25, and contribute as little as $15 per pay period. There’s no limit to how much you add annually, though the max account balance is $235,000. Your kid can ultimately use the cash for tuition, room and board, and other college costs.

Interested in your kid being on the cover of Metro Parent magazine? Check out the Metro Parent CoverKids page. The 2015 contest is done, but you can meet all the winners on our CoverKids Winners 2015 page. And stay tuned for details on our 2016 competition.


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