Metro Parent Virtual Camp Science Lesson 1: Inventing DIY Smartphone Speakers

Lesson 1: Inventing DIY Smartphone Speakers

Date: June 20, 2016

Welcome to Lesson 1 of Metro Parent’s Virtual Camp!

You’ve got awesome music playlists on your smartphone. But you want to amp them up – on the cheap, and without any electricity. How can you do it? Here, you can discover how to make DIY speakers for your smartphone in a few easy steps. Plus learn about the science of sound, interesting invention trivia, fantastic resources and local “field trips” you can take to keep the lessons going when you download our guide below.

1. Watch the experiment

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Make DIY smartphone speakers, learn about awesome inventions and more
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3. Take the quiz


Test your science smarts! While the chance to win prizes has passed for summer 2016, the quiz is open for you to take all year long.