Metro Parent Virtual Camp Science Lesson 2: Insect Engineering Make a Paper Wasp Style Planter

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Lesson 2: Making a Paper Planter – Wasp Style

Date: July 4, 2016

Welcome to Lesson 2 of Metro Parent’s Virtual Camp!

How the heck can tiny wasps make their own paper to build a big nest? These winged insects may be small, but they are definitely little engineers with some major architectural skills. And guess what? You can borrow their methods to make a paper structure of your own. Better yet, by creating and using this small planter, you can also attract these important pollinators – plus bees and other key bugs – to your yard!

1. Watch the experiment

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Make this small planter, learn about different pollinators and more.
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Test your science smarts! While the chance to win prizes has passed for summer 2016, the quiz is open for you to take all year long.