Mom-Approved Docs Nominees

Congratulations on your nomination for the 2019 Mom-Approved Docs!

This award indicates that you are one of the best health care providers in southeast Michigan, and you were selected by some of the toughest critics in town – local moms and dads.

Your loyal patients felt you deserved to be recognized for all of the amazing work you do for them and their families. In today's busy times, when people often forget to give praise but are all too quick to share negative feedback, this is truly remarkable.

Getting nominated as a Mom-Approved Doc by your loyal patients is a big compliment.

But it can also be a big opportunity. Make the most of your nomination by ensuring your patients (and potential patients) see this recognition:

Bronze Package



  • Official Mom-Approved Docs award medals to use on your website, ads and social media.
  • Your photo and Mom-Approved Docs medals added to a basic listing in's Doctors + Medical Directory.

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