Baby Elephant Ears Neck Support Pillow

When I first saw the picture of Baby Elephant Ears, I admit: I had to chuckle. The adorable infant whose head so peacefully rested on this pillow really did look like he had the ears of an elephant! Needless to say, the name is no joke.

But these pillows are more than just adorable. They’re functional.

Created by Alicia Overby, a mother of four from Cambridge, Minnesota, these chiropractic-inspired pillows provide head and neck support for your little one.

Overby was inspired to design these pillows after the birth of her son, Finn, who cried constantly and was unable to get comfy. It wasn’t until a visit with the chiropractor that Overby discovered her son’s discomfort was likely the result of strain that Finn experienced while being born.

That strain from labor meant lack of neck strength – and tons of discomfort. This is when Overby decided to create Elephant Ears and, as they say, the rest is history.

The pillows were designed to best support a baby 0 to 2 years old, but can be used for more than two years, as long as he or she fits comfortably.

The pillows come in 10 different designs, including pink, black and royal blue dots, paisley, rainbow and a zoology pattern. They’re great to use in a stroller, swing, car seat or change table. Word to the wise, though: They are not to be used in the crib.

This uniquely designed pillows provide plenty of comfort for your little one. And when baby has nestled in, mom and dad are happy, too!


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