Bellybuds Play Music Just for Baby

I‘ve heard playing music for your child while he or she is in the womb is an important way to bond with him or her. But I’ve always wondered how moms-to-be can sit there with headphones strapped across their tummies. It doesn’t really allow for a lot of movement. How can mom continue her day-to-day routine and still manage to connect with her child?

Well, mom, now you can establish that strong connection with baby and still go about your day with Bellybuds wearable speakers. The product was created and co-founded by Curtis Williams, husband of Parks and Recreation actress Jama Williamson. Williams noticed that his pregnant wife was placing her iPod earbuds on her belly but couldn’t move around while their baby listened to the melody. So Williams did his homework, researched the web and created Bellybuds.

Available online for $49.99, these lightweight headphones are slightly concaved so they comfortably fit on mom’s belly. Hydrogel adhesive rings keep the headphones from moving, and there is even an audio splitter that gives you and your baby the chance to listen to music together. This way, dad can get it on the tunes, too.

I have to admit, I’m definitely intrigued by this item. The idea of bonding with your child but still being able to move around and go about your daily routine sounds good to me. So if you want to sooth your child with some of your favorite music and connect with him or her without missing a beat, then Bellybuds are the thing for you!


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