Feelings Flashcards for Babies and Toddlers

Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual – and figuring out what they want and what they’re feeling at all times is about as easy as solving a mathematical equation when you’re better with words than with numbers (much like myself). Wouldn’t it be cool to teach your little one how to identify – and express – their emotions a bit better?

That’s the idea behind Feelings Flashcards by popular kids’ book artist Todd Parr. Sold through the Spoon Sisters online shop and Chronicle Books for $14.99, these cool items stand apart with Parr’s hallmark bold illustrations – and they’re great way to introduce young kids (infants to toddlers) to feelings.

The pack comes with 20 different flashcards, displaying 40 total emotions. On one side of the card, for example, there’s silly face – and, on the opposite side, a serious face. It’s a perfect eye-catching way for boys and girls to start understanding the words for how they feel. The entire stash tucks neatly into a hinge-lidded box, for tidy storage.

But what’s really neat about these cards is that they’re super colorful and the drawings are a bit wacky – which will keep your kiddies engaged as they learn. To drive the connection home, why not hold up a hand mirror so your tyke can mimic the facial expressions he or she sees on the cards? (Mom or dad can get in on this, too; that’s guaranteed to boost the entertainment value!)

And let’s "face" it – the sooner we teach our kids about their emotions, the sooner we’ll have a better grip on their wants and needs.


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