Sweet and Sassy Pregnancy T-Shirts

Graphic pregnancy t-shirts are a winning combo of comfort and style for moms-to-be. The expanded canvas of that baby bump means lots of space for clever quips, too.

An ever-growing baby bump means a new wardrobe for most moms – preferably one with comfort in mind.

Pregnancy t-shirts definitely cover comfort, and these sweet and sassy graphic options are the perfect picks for moms looking for a creative way to announce a pregnancy or simply to have some fun with your bump.

And Then There Were Three

Your belly is isn’t the only thing growing – so is your family tree. This cute tee can be worn early in pregnancy as an adorable way to make the big announcement or later when all eyes are on your expanding mid-section.

Regardless, it’ll provoke smiles from plenty of passersby. Get it for $24.98 at destinationmaternity.com.

Baby Girl Loading

Don this top to make the big gender reveal among family and friends – or simply answer strangers’ inevitable boy-or-girl question without having to speak a word.

It also comes in blue if your baby on board is of the XY persuasion and is just $19.99 at crazydogtshirts.com.

You’re Kickin’ Me Smalls

This play on a phrase made famous in the baseball movie The Sandlot will prompt nostalgic laughs from all those who came of age in the early 1990s.

For everyone else, it’s a feel-good reminder of all that moms go through to bring new life into the world. Get it for $12.99 from crazydogtshirts.com.

I Like to Think Wine Misses Me Too

Let’s face it, some things are missed more than others during the nine-month stretch to baby.

Sport this graphic tee to happy hour and be guaranteed some grins while you sip your mocktail among friends. Find it for $38 at apeainthepod.com.

Mama to Be

While the wording on this shirt may be obvious late in the third trimester, it could just be how you break the big news to your partner, parents and friends early on.

Either way, this T-shirt is perfect for documenting your growing baby bump in monthly pregnancy photos and it’s just $24.98 through destinationmaternity.com.


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