10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Everyone seems to have something to say to you when you’re pregnant.

From strangers to family members, if they aren’t asking to touch your belly then they’re questioning your baby name ideas or sharing their labor and delivery horror stories.

It’s not all bad, of course – there are always some people who have genuinely kind things to say. But this list is for those surprising comments that pregnant women hear all too often and that should be avoided completely.

Here’s a list of the top offenders that we compiled with the help of our fans at Metro Parent’s Facebook page. Have another rude comment to add to the list? Tell us in the comments section!

1. “Are you sure you aren’t carrying twins? You’re huge!”

Any comment about a mom-to-be’s size or weight (or better yet, anyone’s weight) is off limits. That also includes comments about a mom’s belly looking too small. Try this instead: “You look great!”

2. “Will you keep trying for a girl/boy?”

If you already have girls, people assume you want a boy, and vice versa. As it turns out, most parents aren’t as obsessed with the gender of their baby as people around them seem to be. Celebrate the baby mom is carrying and don’t ask if she’s disappointed by the baby’s sex or already planning the next one.

3. “Were you trying?”

This ultra-invasive question is not only too personal but also pretty irrelevant.

4. “This is your last one, right?”

By your second or third baby, people are bound to start asking some variation of this question. It’s rude to make assumptions about family size or push your own preferences on anyone else.

5. “You haven’t had the baby yet? You look ready to pop!”

If mom is only in her second trimester, the last thing she wants to hear is that she already looks overdue.

6. “You’re going to want that epidural.”

Moms planning to have a natural birth are often told they’re crazy or will never go through with it. Either offer some encouragement or don’t bring up her birthing choices.

7. “Is the father the UPS/Fed Ex man?”

Or the milkman, the mailman or anyone else. As Facebook commenter Rick says, “It’s not funny anymore!”

8. “You look tired.”

It’s just another way of saying you look bad. Plus, an expectant mom struggling with baby kicking her bladder all night doesn’t need any reminders about her lack of sleep.

9. “Sleep now while you still can.”

Or “relax now” or “eat out now” and so on. Life with a newborn can be hectic and being sleep-deprived is tough, but moms-to-be are well aware and we’re pretty sure they think it’s worth the trade-off.

10. “Should you be eating that?”

Whether it’s cold cuts or sushi or soft-serve ice cream, anyone who’s commenting on your eating habits during pregnancy besides your doctor needs to stay out of it.


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