Ferndale Mom Sarah Radtke Welsh

This Oakland County mom talks about her favorite maternity stores, prepping for the hospital and more.

Sarah Radtke Welsh planned a home birth for her now-18-month-old daughter. But after 30 hours of labor with a midwife, she ended up delivering Freya at St. Joseph Pontiac. She was pleasantly surprised by the hospital birth experience and plans to deliver baby number two at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Gender reveal? No. We were surprised with our daughter as well. My husband and I are old-fashioned.

Favorite maternity clothes store: Macy’s online.

Favorite store for baby stuff: I’ve gotten a little addicted to mom-to-mom sales.

What you’ve learned about pregnancy: I was surprised to find that the doctors and nurses I encountered were very kind and accommodating. I had expected to have to argue about what I wanted (delayed cord cutting, no formula or water, no silver nitrate) and was absolutely delighted that I was so supported.

Best advice you’ve received: I am the ultimate authority on what is best for me in my pregnancy and for my child.

Worst advice you’ve received: I really disliked being told that I should be connecting with my unborn child. I don’t love being pregnant and kind of feel like there is a wiggly alien kicking my intestines all the time.

Favorite baby gift: I think the baby wrap was the most useful gift I received for my daughter for the first few months.

Hospital stay prep tips: Don’t forget your phone charger.

Best part of raising a family in Ferndale: I love that Ferndale is such a mecca for young families. Everyone is so friendly! We have three neighbors with children who we can see playing from our window.

Dream for your child: I hope for my children to have happy and healthy lives and grow to be kind, intelligent people.

More about Sarah Radtke Welsh

Age: 34
Husband: Eric Welsh
Gig: Chiropractor specializing in applied kinesiology
Due date: Mid-September
Other children: Stepson Oscar, 6, and daughter Freya, 18 months
Hospital/birthing center: Henry Ford West Bloomfield
OB-GYN: To be determined

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