Mom of Four Megan Foukes of Romeo Has a Full House

The more, the merrier – that's true at Macomb County mom Megan Foukes' five-bedroom home in Romeo. Here she dishes on wrangling a house of six.

Four kids were always the dream for Megan Foukes, 33. And it came true this year, as she and husband Jonathan, 34, welcomed little Ford to join his big sisters Isla, 5, Bryn, 3 and Hazel, 1. Here, the Romeo SAHM chats about her full house.

Describe your journey to parenthood.

“I have three siblings and loved it, so I have always dreamed of having four children. I was able to get pregnant very easily (too easily for the fourth baby!). But my wish came true and I have my four babies.

“We found out the gender of our daughters before they were born and decided to wait with our fourth until the birth to find out the gender. We were beyond surprised that we had a baby boy to add to our family! My husband and I bought our five-bedroom home in 2012 and everyone joked that we needed to fill up all of the rooms. Well here we are just seven years later, and the inn is full.”

What do you love most about being a mom?

“I love being able to watch them learn and develop their own personalities. They are each so different despite being raised in the same environment. My oldest was in kindergarten this past year, and I loved being able to volunteer in her class. She was beaming with happiness every time I showed up, and she loved showing me off! I love giving and getting their affection.”

What’s your biggest parenting challenge?

“Being able to spend time with each one individually. Also to deal with the everyday challenges of raising five children 5 and under and still be a great mom.”

What is the thing you miss most from your non-mom days?

“ALONE TIME! For just myself as well as with my husband. We don’t get much of it having four small kiddos.”

Describe your best day as a mom.

“Spending time as a family trying something we’ve never done or seen before. I love to watch them see, try and explore something new! I love watching their eyes light up with excitement. I’m happy when they’re happy.”

Describe your toughest day as a mom.

“When the house is a mess, the kids are grumpy and we don’t get a chance to burn energy. Makes for a long difficult day.”

What is the worst advice you ever received?

“Sleep when the baby sleeps. That may be good advice if it’s your first baby, but for baby number two, three and four, a nap for mom is just not possible. There’s one or two or three other little people that need me.”

What is the best advice you ever received?

“Take the help when it’s offered. I’m a bit of a control freak, so it’s something that is very hard for me to do. But getting help and accepting help from others just gives me time to do the things I need to do which ultimately makes me a better mom.”

What advice would you give new parents?

“Remember in the tough times that it is just a phase and things won’t be that way forever.”

What thing or things get you through your days?

“Getting outside to get some sunshine and fresh air. It’s good for both me and the kids. And sneaking out even just to go get groceries or run an errand alone. Gives me the little refresher/break I need.”

What do you like about living in southeast Michigan?

“We love the diversity of our setting. We live in a rural community but also have easy access to the quaint downtown feel of Rochester and the big city excitement in Detroit. Downtown Romeo is always hosting fun events, parades, Halloween on Tilson Street and the Romeo Peach Festival.

“We love to visit the Graubner Library in Romeo. They have tons of activities for kids and a fun play area. Rochester Play!, Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve and Rochester Municipal Park are some of our favorites. We love the pizza at Bologna via Cucina in Rochester and a quick salad or sandwich from The Rustic Bluebird in downtown Romeo.”

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?

“Shower, nap, spa, read a book and a fancy dinner! I’m simple these days. With four kids 5 and under, one being an infant, I’m happy doing anything relaxing.”

Metro Parent Editorial Team
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