Pink + Blue Redesign: Our Little Magazine is Growing Up

Our little ancillary is all grown up! Here, Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about the Pink + Blue redesign and what you can expect from it.

When it was born back in 2012, little Pink + Blue, or PB as we call it, was a wee digest. So small it could fit in your standard handbag. Everyone who saw it oooh’d and awww’d.

In fact, it won a gold award for its total awesomeness at the Parenting Media Association Awards. Sorry, but the parental pride makes it hard not to brag.

But it just had to grow up – into a full-size magazine. It was tempting to try to keep it so sweet and small forever. But we couldn’t. It wasn’t fair to little PB to hold it back and not allow it to grow and evolve.

You’ll notice that now, this bigger PB has some cool additions and changes. First, all of the important local resource listings are still included; they’re now grouped together to make it extra handy.

We’ve also got more space for columns and stories that we hope help you as you embark on these early years of parenting.

Our opening section, Tickled Purple, a blending of Pink + Blue with a dash of new parent excitement, offers local tidbits and baby and pregnancy trends.

Baby Talk is a first-person essay from a local parent. You have to read the one in this issue. It’s a lesson in resiliency, love and gratitude.

In our 101 departments, you’ll get schooling on some milestones or issues that you ought to know – just in case. Like, do you know what stool toileting refusal is? I bet you can guess, and it’s more common than you’d think. But luckily, we have some help in this new grown-up edition of Pink + Blue.

And remember, we have more resources, tips and articles on all things pregnancy, baby and toddler at Be sure to check it out year-round.




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