November Quick Links

Best Charitable Organizations for the Holidays

Best places to volunteer and give donations this holiday season.

November Contests

Win cool stuff this month! Enter on our contests page.

Family Fun Things to Do This Weekend

Get a jump on your weekend plans here.

Four Parenting Styles

A study defines four ways moms and dads raise their kids. What are they, and what does a southeast Michigan expert have to say about them?

How You Argue May Affect Your Kid’s Well-Being

Arguments are a given in any relationship. It’s how you argue in front of the kids that can disrupt their emotional stability.

Holiday Markets and Craft Fairs

Spots to snag some cool finds for your friends and family this holiday season.

Independent Bookstores in Southeast Michigan

Where can you snag new and used books in metro Detroit? Shop one of these independent bookstores.

Manners 101

Developing social skills starts at home. Here are ways parents can provide a manners 101 course for table manners, phone etiquette, sportsmanship and more.

My Obsession

Share your faves for a chance to get $25.

Should Children Get Their Own Credit Cards?

A recent study reveals nearly one in five parents give their 8- to 14-year-olds a credit card. Two local experts weigh in on when it’s a good idea to give kids credit cards and how to avoid problems.

Why Girls Hide Their Periods

Periods can be awkward. Sometimes so much so that girls will hide their monthly period from their parents. Find out why they do it and how you can help.