Parenting is tough and sometimes we need a positive phrase to get us through the really hard days. That’s the inspiration behind Chicago Parent’s “My Mantra” series. Each issue, we feature a local mom or dad’s parenting mantra — a little phrase or idea that helps them through tough times — and give them the chance to talk a little more about their mantra in a video. Here, you’ll find all of the mantras that have been featured so far. Take a look and see if any resonate with you. And don’t forget to submit your own mantra to

My Mantra: Everything in Moderation

JeeYoung is a Korean-American mom raising three boys in metro Detroit.

My Mantra: As Soon as I Saw You, I Knew Adventure Was About to Happen

Local mom Michele Maleszyk talks about traveling as a family and shares her family's favorite places to play outdoors in southeast Michigan.

My Mantra: Memories I Make with My Kids Now Are Treasures They Will Have Tomorrow

Mom Bernadette Manaay is a physical therapist in metro Detroit, who also has a growing photography business.

My Mantra: I Trust My Heart to Guide My Mind

This Detroit mom and STEM educator believes in the power of sharing to help others feel less alone and seen.

My Mantra: Let Love Win

A local mom (and family therapist, educator, speaker and more!) shares how our lives will benefit when we let love win.

My Mantra: I Am the Perfect Mom for My Child

A Detroit mom shares the mantra she lives by.

My Mantra: Always Be You-nique

A mom of two boys shares the mantra she lives by.

My Mantra: What if It All Works Out?

A Detroit mom, author, educator shares the mantra that she lives by.

My Mantra: Follow the Child But As Their Leader

A Montessori nanny and tutor in Detroit shares a special mantra she lives by.

My Mantra: Be The Change You Want to See

A local mom of two shares the parenting mantra that she lives by.

My Mantra: The Keys to Finding Joy

A metro Detroit mom shares the parenting mantra she lives by.

My Mantra: You Are Brave & Brilliant

A metro Detroit mom and entrepreneur shares the parenting mantra she lives by.