9 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

Need some Christmas gift ideas for the cat in your life? Get one of these cat Christmas gifts for your feline, suggested by local pet store Premier Pet Supply.

With all the people to shop for this holiday season, be sure you don’t forget one of the most important members of the family (and the one that no doubt rules the roost): your cat.

Your family feline brings you joy all year, so celebrate the season with her through cat presents, like treats, toys and more! Mike Palmer, owner of Premier Pet Supply in Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi and Livonia, shares some great ideas for holiday gift ideas for pets. Don’t forget to check out our list of Christmas present ideas for dogs, too and our tips for choosing a family pet, if you’re looking at a new furry friend or exotic pet this holiday season.

Note: Prices and availability may vary based on store.

Tiger Grass Catnip

Give your kitty a special treat with this organic catnip from Tiger Grass. “The catnip buds are a huge hit with our feline friends,” Palmer says. “The best part is that it’s grown right here in Michigan.” Swing by Premier Pet to snag some for your cat. $3.99-$8.99 at Premier Pet.


Cat Condos and Trees

If you’re going to splurge on a cat tree, Christmas is the time to do it (and believe us, they’ll be thrilled with the present and hopefully leave your other tree alone!). Palmer says Premier Pet Supply carries cat furniture by the Ohio-based company Condos and Trees, LLC – and they’re perfect to “prop up in front of a window” for bird watching. Add a bird feeder outside the window and your cat will have hours of fun. Prices vary. Another option from Premier Pet: Vesper cat furniture by Hagen. Palmer notes it’s “super trendy and functional.” Find those pieces at Palmer’s shop ranging from $44.99 to $169.99.

Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder

Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder 

Is your cat’s New Year’s resolution to be more active? Look no further. The Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder taps into your cat’s natural instinct to hunt for their food. Simply hide your cat’s favorite meal and hide the included decoy mice around your home. Your cat will then have to find the mice and bat them around to get their meal. Prices start at $19.99 at Premier Pet for the starter kit and goes up to $39.99 for the complete set.

Kittyblock Scratcher and Lounge

These corrugated cardboard boxes are not only great for cats who need a place to scratch their claws, but they also make a perfect lounge or hideaway for kitties. Palmer carries this Michigan brand at his shops. Find ’em at Premier Pet for $49.99.


Neko Flies Cat Toys from Nekochan Enterprises

These Neko Flies toys are fantastic because of the critters’ “lifelike movement,” Palmer says. Buy a rod (Premier Pet has a new telescoping fishing rod) and a “bug” on a string to attach. Fling it through the air and watch your kitty leap and prance to hunt these faux insects. The best part? You can buy more bugs and switch ’em out. These range from $12.99-$29.99.

R2P Pet Mad Cat Catnip Toys

R2P Pets Mad Catnip Toys

Choose from cute pizzas, mustaches, tacos, cucumber, cacti and other cute plush R2P Pet Catnip Toys, which are all filled with a combination of catnip and silvervine for your feisty feline. Ranges $4.49-$6.99.


Cat Dancer Toy

Dubbed “the original interactive cat toy,” the Cat Dancer from Cat Dancer Products Inc. is so simple, yet so popular! Palmer says it’s been one of the store’s best-selling cat toys for about 20 years. The pieces of rolled cardboard attached to wire bounce when your cat pounces on one end. It’s great fun for the cat – and the human. $3.99.


Drinkwell Original Fountain by PetSafe

Palmer notes one thing that’s “super important” for cats is that they drink enough water, which helps them avoid problems like urinary tract infections or kidney-related issues. A “great way” to encourage your kitty to drink more water is with a Drinkwell Original Fountain from PetSafe. The moving, trickling water is appealing to cats. Plus, you don’t have to leave your water faucet running all day. These range in price, but start around $49.99.


Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

These are all-natural treats made from freeze-dried meat, meaning pure protein for your carnivorous cat. Palmer says for cats, they’re flavorful – plus humans can take solace in knowing the meat Canadian company Orijen uses is regionally sourced and fresh (meaning it’s never frozen and is preservative free). Range $6.99-$7.99 at Premier Pet.

Have other ideas for cat Christmas gifts you’d add to the list? What are you planning to buy your cat for the holidays? Comment and share your thoughts!

This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly. 


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