Awesome iPhone Apps for Parents

Apple has been bent on making life more convenient for everyone since launching the iPhone in ’07 – and parents are no exception. There are oodles of things you can do with the phone to make life a tad simpler, from checkomg your email anytime and anywhere to finding movie times without typing in a thing. Impressed yet? That’s barely scratching the surface of what “apps” – the popular nickname for “application” programs – can do.

If you’ve traded in your old phone for the iPhone, check out these great apps guaranteed to make any parent (and family’s) day a little easier.

1. Google. The mother of all search engines makes things simple to find with the touch of the screen or the sound of your voice. Speak your query (available in everything from English to Mandarin and Japanese) and it’ll automatically pop up in the search bar. Kids want something different to eat tonight? Type in your location and find new food spots fast. You can even download menus.

2. YouTube. Uploading your family’s funny or precious footage with the incredibly popular video-sharing site just got easier. With a few clicks, it’ll appear on the site in moments – via your iPhone. Browse millions of videos – whether it’s for homework or fun – and watch them in the highest quality. This app even brings up related videos for each video you have already searched, so you might see something else you like.

3. Facebook. Facebook is a great network to keep in touch with old friends, new friends or to see what your favorite celebrities are up to (like Metro Parent magazine!). You can get messages and wall posts sent straight to your phone and without ever accessing the web. With this app, you can also the chat feature that you’d usually need a computer to use.

4. Weather Channel. Running late and not sure whether to put the kids in jackets or coats? Instantly get the weather locally and globally with this handy app. You can see different videos from meteorologists – and get severe weather alerts for your neighborhood.

5. Coupon Sherpa. Thinking of going greener? This is the perfect app to reduce waste – and save some green, too! Coupon Sherpa allows you to access in-store coupons to over 100 merchants. Each comes with a cashier code or barcode for the cashier to scan or type in. Discounts just got more eco-friendly.


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