Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Mash Function with Funky Design

Whether you can make beef bourguignon blindfolded or you're still trying to perfect the art of egg boiling, having the right equipment can be just as important as having a fully stocked pantry. But being well equipped doesn't have to be boring! These kitchen gadgets are just the right amount of awesome: They make food prep twice as fun but still get the job done.

Equal Measure Measuring Cup by Fred & Friends

Learn to cook – and cook to learn – with this master measuring cup. While you level out your sugar and flour, you'll discover that one cup of water holds five thousand little drops, and that this beaker-full equals the volume of half a human brain. Behold the powers of the pourer! Measures up to 2 1/2 cups, 20 ounces and 600 milliliters of dry or liquid ingredients. Find it for $11.55 on

Cutting Mats by Kikkerland

These colorful cutting mats are more than just a bright addition to your kitchen counter; they're helpful health tools too! To avoid hazardous cross-contamination when prepping raw meats and veggies simultaneously, chop up on these four color-designated mats (flexible for easy storage). You'll be doing both your kitchen and your family a favor. It's $12 for set of four.

Herb Mincer by Crate & Barrel

More mincing, less wincing! If too much knife-work makes you nervous, this handy helper will take care of everything. Its eight stainless steel blades get all your herbs cut to size easily and evenly – plus the tool fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for comfortable control of pressure and direction. Blade guard included. Runs $7.95.

OXO Jar Opener

Say "so long" to stubborn lids! This nifty tool keeps slippery jars in place while its stainless steel teeth grip the lid; all you do is twist, no grunts required. Adjusts to fit lids of all sizes. About $11 at Sur La Table.

Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves by Williams Sonoma

Get your veggies clean from any harsh chemicals and still keep their nutrient-rich skins by scrubbing them down with these (super-cute!) textured gloves. Look stylish while cleaning? Sign us up. It's $11.95 a pair.

Utensil Pot Clip by Crate & Barrel

It's the next best thing to sliced bread! This pot clip solves all your saucy spoon problems: Taking up minimal space on the stove top or counter, it fits snuggly on the rim of any pot or pan and holds up spoons – preventing burns (and messy counters) between stirs – plus props lids open to prevent boiling over. Heck, it even keeps serving spoons by their respective platters from parties to dinner. Runs $6.95.

Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Graters by Sur La Table

For all your future cooking and baking needs, go where no grater has gone before with one of these snazzy kitchen-savvy must-haves. Sleek designs allow for easy usage and even easier storage – and soft handles offer optimal comfort. Tough lemons everywhere will finally meet their zesty fates! $14.85 each.


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