Back-to-School Advice from Metro Detroit Instagram Moms

Five local Instagram-famous moms offer their best pieces of back-to-school advice.

A new school year means a fresh start. We can wash away the stains, wipe up the spills from last year and make this one “The Year We (Finally) Got It Together.”

If you’ve spent the summer browsing Pinterest and scrolling through Instagram, you’ve no doubt noticed those inspirational moms who pack the perfect lunches, run the kids all over town and still find time for the gym – all while making it look so effortless and cool. Ready to take some of their expertise into the new school year? We asked a few of those Instagram-famous moms right here in metro Detroit for some advice.



• Name: Jaclyn Fisher
• City: Troy
• Number of kids: 4
• Followers: 6.5k
• What they post about: Free-range parenting

Back-to-school advice: “Be patient. Be gracious and take deep breaths. Embrace the momentary chaos and know the dust will settle soon.”



• Name: Jessica Hadley
• City: Clarkston
• Number of kids: 2
• Followers: 27k
• What they post about: Health and fitness

Back-to-school advice: “Find a time that works for you (to work out) and stick with it. That can seem difficult, but carving out even 30 minutes of your day – just for you – is necessary. There will be days when you feel like you have way too much going on or you feel guilty as a parent, but I promise you that when you are done you will feel better and it will make you a better parent because you are doing something for yourself.”

For more tips on squeezing in a daily workout, see our top 7 tips to help moms create a good workout routine at home.



• Name: JeeYoung Wenglikowski
• City: Macomb Township
• Number of kids: 3
• Followers: 52.4k
• What they post about: Lifestyle and parenting

Back-to-school advice: “As a mom to three, being on top of our schedules and calendars during the week actually helps me to be more flexible with our quality time as a family. Self-care in many different forms is something I try to make a priority in my life. I’m a firm believer that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup; and making time for myself to decompress helps me to be a better mom to my kids.”



• Name: Liz Braga
• City: Beverly Hills
• Number of kids: 2
• Followers: 34.2k
• What they post about: ‘Chic motherhood’

Back-to-school advice: “Find something that works for you and don’t be afraid to take a risk; they’re just clothes. I love a pop of leopard print – you can wear jeans and a tee and put on a pair of leopard slides and look instantly chic and put together. I’m also very into hats and scarves so you don’t have to prioritize washing your hair over cleaning your house.”



• Name: Jillian Bantau
• City: Flat Rock
• Number of kids: 2
• Followers: 7k
• What they post about: Lifestyle and parenting

Back-to-School Advice: “I just try my best to stay organized. Whether it be my weekly planner or making to-do or to-buy lists. I would definitely go insane if I didn’t do these little things to keep things in order.”

Looking for even more ways to rock back to school 2018? Check out Metro Parent’s complete back-to-school checklist.

Main photo courtesy of @SimplyEveryBlog.


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