How to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Fostering a can-do attitude in your kids can help them become more confident in themselves.

Remember the old adage taught to us in the beloved childhood story, “The Little Engine that Could?” “I think I can. I think I can.” The tiny choo-choo’s mantra meant that if we believe in ourselves, we can accomplish anything. The moral of the story? Doubt keeps us from realizing our full potential.

Self-esteem, or how we view ourselves in context with others and our surroundings, can be a precarious road for many children and adolescents. Here are six tips from to give your child’s self-image a boost.

1. Watch what you say.

Kids are very sensitive to parents’ words. Remember to praise your child not only for a job well done, but also for effort. But be truthful. For example, if your child doesn’t make the soccer team, avoid saying something like, “Well, next time you’ll work harder and make it.” Instead, try “Well, you didn’t make the team, but I’m really proud of the effort you put into it.” Reward effort and completion instead of outcome.

2. Be a positive role model.

If you’re excessively harsh on yourself, pessimistic, or unrealistic about your abilities and limitations, your child may eventually mirror you. Nurture your own self-esteem, and your child will have a great role model.

3. Redirect your child’s inaccurate beliefs.

It’s important for parents to identify kids’ irrational beliefs about themselves, whether they’re about perfection, attractiveness, ability, or anything else. Helping kids set more accurate standards and be more realistic in evaluating themselves will help them have a healthy self-concept. Inaccurate perceptions of self can take root and become reality to kids.

For example, a child who does very well in school but struggles with math may say, “I can’t do math. I’m a bad student.” Not only is this a false generalization, it’s also a belief that will set the child up for failure. Encourage kids to see a situation in its true light. A helpful response might be: “You are a good student. You do great in school. Math is just a subject that you need to spend more time on. We’ll work on it together.”

4. Be spontaneous and affectionate.

Your love will go a long way to boost your child’s self-esteem. Give hugs and tell kids you’re proud of them. Pop a note in your child’s lunchbox that reads, “I think you’re terrific!” Give praise frequently and honestly, without overdoing it. Kids can tell whether something comes from the heart.

5. Give positive, accurate feedback.

Comments like “You always work yourself up into such a frenzy!” will make kids feel like they have no control over their outbursts. A better statement is, “You were really mad at your brother. But I appreciate that you didn’t yell at him or hit him.” This acknowledges a child’s feelings, rewards the choice made, and encourages the child to make the right choice again next time.

6. Create a safe, loving home environment.

Kids who don’t feel safe or are abused at home will suffer immensely from low self-esteem. A child who is exposed to parents who fight and argue repeatedly may become depressed and withdrawn. Also watch for signs of abuse by others, problems in school, trouble with peers, and other factors that may affect kids’ self-esteem. Deal with these issues sensitively but swiftly. And always remember to respect your kids.

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  1. Undoubtedly Self esteem plays a pivotal role.Along with it, understanding the needs of a child are also important and so true.The needs of a child are often ignored.The role of heredity and environment can never be negated in building of one’s personality.It is important for every child to build a strong sense of correction within themselves so that they don’t go into extremes of any value based quality but rather learn the art of moderation in handling them.


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