Busy Mom Beauty Tips on Fashion, Makeup and Fitness

Get advice from southeast Michigan moms Shannon Lazovski (former Mrs. Metro Detroit), Riese Lauriat (pro makeup artist) and Tammy Ristau (personal trainer).

Every New Year, you vow that you’re going to take better care of yourself. This year, you’ll invest in your appearance more, you’ll burn that black outfit you wear all the time, you’ll exercise more. And then – well, you don’t. But this year, it’s going to be different, and three local moms – experts on fashion, beauty and fitness – will show you how you can fulfill your personal resolutions to look and feel better this year.

Shannon Lazovski, SoGlam Media CEO and Mrs. Metro Detroit (Washington Township)

According to glamorous mom Shannon Lazovski, it only takes seconds to elevate your style. Just slip on some high heels, she says, and you’ll lift your look as well as your spirit. Lazovski, 37, never goes anywhere without her heels.

“The higher the better,” she says. “Even my tennis shoes have wedges.”

Lazovski of Washington Township, is a blogger, stylist, image consultant and social media maven who says looking good is the sum of many small decisions.

“It’s all about choices we make when we get ready for an event or just the day,” Lazovski says. “I choose to slip on heels because I never know who I’m going to run into. They look better, and they’re actually faster to put on and run out the door.”

Lazovski’s ventures – GlamorousMoms.com, Detroit Fashion News, Detroit Mom Bloggers and SoGlam Media – are dedicated to helping women, and especially moms, get their groove back.

“In my eyes, every mom is a glamorous mom. I’ve been every size, from 2 to 12. I’ve been married 11 years. I know the struggles every mom has,” she says. “A lot of women have a hard time trying to find their inner beauty and their path after motherhood.”

Even Lazovski strayed from her stylish roots after her daughter, Livia, 9, and son, Mikhail, 6, were born. An avid model in her teens, Lazovski participated in pageants as a contestant, mentor, makeup artist and judge. At age 21 she was set to compete in Miss Michigan USA, but a serious car crash derailed her plans just two weeks before the event. Lazovski never returned to the pageant stage, until recently.

She was named Mrs. Metro Detroit in 2012, making her a delegate for the Mrs. Michigan Pageant. The winner goes on to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant.

Lazovski’s platform is “women helping women.”

“If a mom changes her choices, she’ll change the way she feels about herself and the way others feel about her, as well as her appearance,” Lazovski says.

Shannon’s eight fashion fixes

  1. Dark denim. Lazovski is a fan of Miss Me jeans with lots of pocket bling, but whatever your preferred brand, she recommends a dark wash that can transition from casual T to crisp white ruffled blouse. “It’s very classy and clean,” she says. “I would say every woman needs a good dark denim skinny and boot cut jean.”
  2. Like leggings. Trade the yoga pants for this sleeker option, great with oversized tops and boots. Leggings are trendy, flattering and, best of all, comfy for moms on the go.
  3. Cinch-up style. Whether you’re wearing turtlenecks, tunics or blouses, belt your tops at the small of the waist for a flattering silhouette.
  4. Savor the seasons. Don’t stash your summer clothes. Keep them within reach and think of ways to wear them through winter. “I’m loving floral dresses with leggings, a sweater and boots,” Lasovski says.
  5. Plan your wardrobe. Take inventory of what you have and use your favorite pieces to plan several different outfits. Identify staples and a couple key trends you’re missing before you shop.
  6. Hit the mall. Online shopping is great, but Lazovski loves getting out to see store displays and try things on. Make time to shop for yourself, even if you have to hire a sitter.
  7. Signature style. This winter, Lazovski’s loving faux fur vests. Don’t be afraid to embrace a trademark piece and rock it often, in different ways.
  8. Instant lift. Step up your shoes. “If you’re happy in kitten heels or seven-inch stilettos, then do it,” she says. “Whatever makes you feel great.”

Riese Lauriat, professional makeup artist, Whip Hand Cosmetics (Plymouth)

When Riese Lauriat’s two daughters were young, she needed a makeup routine that was realistic for life as a busy mom.

“I came up with the three-minute face,” says Lauriat, 42. “Whether you’re a natural girl or you like a lot of makeup, it is something you can put on to go to the grocery store and feel like you’re not naked.” (Scroll down a tad to see how to do it.)

Lauriat began doing makeup as a young mom but left the industry to study business and manage salons. In 2000, when her girls were tweens, she picked up her brushes again.

“It was kind of an interesting time because Kati was just starting to want to wear makeup, and at that age the first thing they go for is the eyeliner and just go to town,” she says.

Monique (now 20) and Kati (now 23) ignored mom’s advice to tone down the raccoon eyes until they saw her in action backstage at a school production of The Wizard of Oz.

“I went to the school to do the makeup and after all their friends thought I was cool, then all of a sudden I was cool,” Lauriat says.

Lauriat’s coolness skyrocketed when she founded her thriving makeup label, Whip Hand Cosmetics, where Monique now serves as public relations manager.

For the average makeover, Lauriat starts with under-eye concealer.

“Moms know they don’t get a lot of sleep, so if you just cover up the dark under the eyes, that changes everything so quickly,” she says.

Lauriat insists moms need to make time for their beauty routine each day.

“We’re always giving to our kids first, our family first – and sometimes you just feel so tired, so worn out. To take that three minutes just to take care of yourself I think is really valuable,” she says. “When you’re driving your kid and happen to look up in the rearview mirror, you think, ‘hey, I look good,’ instead of ‘I can’t believe I left the house like this. What was I thinking?'”

Riese’s three-minute face

  1. Concealer. Whether you prefer tinted moisturizer, mineral makeup or traditional foundation, apply where needed. Lauriat recommends a yellow tint for blemishes and discoloration and pink for under the eyes.
  2. Bronzer. Using a fluffy brush, sweep bronzer across the cheekbones, dipping once before each cheek. With the powder remaining on the brush, sweep across the forehead, down the nose, across the chin and, if desired, over the eyelids. “The idea is you want a wash of color, you don’t want racing stripes – so a looser brush makes all the difference,” Lauriat says. “It kind of warms up the whole face and gives you a little bit of color.”
  3. Mascara. Choose the right mascara (volumizing for thin lashes, color for curly or pale lashes) and apply just one coat to avoid clumping.
  4. Brows. Fill in eyebrows with pencil, powder or tinted brow gel for this crucial step. “It frames your face,” she says.
  5. Lips. Apply gloss for the final touch to your naturally beautiful three-minute face, or use your finger to blot on lipstick for a light stain effect.

Tammy Ristau, trainer at Nth Degree (Royal Oak)

Tammy Ristau knows better than anyone that frazzled moms don’t have a lot of time to work out. The mother of two and long-time fitness buff says interval training is the most efficient way she’s found to burn fat and stay in shape.

The training approach, which she teaches at Nth Degree Fitness in Royal Oak, combines “super-charged” cardio and intense strength training to get maximum results in less than an hour. The workouts combine treadmill variations, weights, abs and stretching, all in a nightclub atmosphere.

“They turn on black lights. It’s almost like a rave in there. It kind of takes your mind away from the pain. It’s really fun,” says Ristau, 49. “The workout is always a little bit different. It’s never the same. Fifty-five minutes and you’re done.”

Ristau has been a trainer for 20 years, and sees a lot of moms struggle to keep a fitness routine. She recommends a simple strategy for staying with a program: Find the right gym or class for you – then ink it on your calendar three times a week.

“The best thing for moms to do when they’re getting in shape is to use their time wisely,” she says. “Whatever you decide to do, schedule it and let your spouse know that you need this time. Fit it in wherever you can, just even taking a walk with your kids. You have to schedule it, or it won’t happen.”

Ristau started working as a fitness trainer before she had her children (Zack, 16 and Emma, 12) and continued to exercise throughout her pregnancies and beyond. Consistency is important, she says.

Ristau has clung to her regimen throughout the stages of motherhood because it also offers a social outlet. In fact, she met her fellow members of the Candy Band, the Detroit-area moms group that plays at many local events, at the YMCA. Ristau, who plays drums, and the guitarist were trainers; the bassist attended classes and the lead singer worked in the child care center.

“You have to make a commitment to fitness, not just for your body but for your mind. Especially as a mom of young children, you really need that release. Take your mind where you can forget about things for an hour and give some back to yourself,” she says.

Tammy’s 10-minute workout

  1. Lunges. Do three sets of 12. It’s great for legs and glutes.
  2. Push-ups. Do three sets of 10. It’s an awesome upper body move. Plus, it works chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  3. Bicycles. Do three sets of 20. It’s an all-over abdominal exercise, and engages upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. Stretch. Stretching for five minutes after exercise warms up muscles and increases your flexibility.
  5. Extra credit. Squeeze in a 30-minute jog or brisk walk to add some cardio!

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of Metro Parent.


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