Constructive Compliments Guidelines, Blueberry Stats and More Summer Facts

Plus, how many kids get treated for playground-related injuries, the number of pool inflatables families bought last year and other July tidbits.


Last summer, shoppers bought enough water inflatables on Amazon to stretch across this many Olympic-sized swimming pools. The online shopping giant is predicting a repeat in 2017. Will the new Swimline Personal Pizza Island Ride On ($54.99) beat last year’s top-selling Intex River Run Sport Lounge ($21.10)?


The number of constructive compliments parents should give their kids ages 2-4 every day to boost good behavior. This small study of 38 parents was revealed at the British Psychological Society’s recent conference. Seems worth a go to us.

144 Million

The amount of blueberries harvested in Michigan as of 2013 – the latest tally from the Michigan Ag Council. In fact, with 21,000 acres of blueberry-growing land, we lead the nation! So, in honor of July, which is National Blueberry Month and when our growing season kicks off, enjoy some as a summertime snack. A cup is only 80 calories and rich in antioxidants, plus vitamins A and C.

200 Thousand

More than this many kids are treated in the ER every year for playground-related injuries, including fractures, bruises and scratches. That number’s climbing, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Keep your outdoor fun safe by supervising kids and making sure equipment is age-appropriate, the CDC adds.

65 Percent

This percent of parents didn’t know how many calories kids should eat during a restaurant meal – about half overshot and the other half guessed too low, a survey in Public Health Nutrition says. The right range is about 400-600 calories, including entrée, side and drink. Many large chains are now posting that count, so keep it in mind while dining out during your vacation travels.


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