Dad and Daughter Duo Ryan and Anna Moore of Rochester Hills

This dad can't always be by his daughter's side but when he is, he makes sure their time together is extra special.

Ryan Moore and his daughter Anna, age 4, spend a lot of time apart. The Rochester Hills dad has been gone for military training, pilot training and even time serving in Afghanistan.

But that doesn’t stop him from being super hands-on with Anna when he’s home, Jamie Moore says of her husband.

“When he is home, he more than makes up for any time away by doing absolutely everything with her,” mom says, “from taking her to preschool, watching her at dance class, even taking her flying.”

Dad even sings songs to Anna until she falls asleep. Aww!

“He is a super daddy,” Jamie says.

Here, Metro Parent asked Ryan to answer a few questions about the special bond he shares with his little girl – just in time for Father’s Day. Read on for more.

How did you feel when you found out you were having a daughter – scared, excited or both?

“Excited and a little nervous because I grew up with all brothers.”

What makes your bond with your daughter so special?

“The fact that we share a lot of the same interests and how much we love spending time together.”

What has surprised you about having a daughter?

“How much fun she is!”

What has not surprised you about having a daughter?

“She is still a little kid with little kid problems.”

How do you spend time with your daughter?

“We like doing activities like going to the park, playground, going for walks – and I love taking her flying.”

What do you want most for your daughter when she grows up?

“To be happy!”


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