Favorite Teen Songs, Women’s Bachelor’s Degrees and More

Plus, find out the weight of the world's largest rubber band ball, how long it took to make the first Peeps marshmallow treat, and facts about Dr. Seuss.

13 & 14 years old

Girls and boys, respectively, were around these ages when their fave songs were released, notes a New York Times analysis on Spotify of top Billboard tunes from 1960 to 2000. Radiohead’s “Creep,” for example, ranks high with 38-year-old guys, who were about 14 when it was released in 1993; the same year, Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” won the hearts of now-35-year-old ladies.

1.1 million

Women earned nearly this many bachelor’s degrees in 2014-2015, according to the most recent Women’s History Month fact sheet from DiversityInc. This eclipsed the tally for men, which came in at 812,669 – yet women who work full-time still made far less in 2015, pulling in $40,742 compared to men’s annual haul of $51,212.

27 hours

That’s how long it took to make one single Peeps when the iconic sugary marshmallows were invented in 1953, parent company Just Born says. Now, luckily for fans, it only takes six minutes. Although Peeps come in many shapes and colors, the yellow chick still ranks first in popularity. Stock up for Easter, which is April 1.

225 words

A publisher challenged Dr. Seuss to write a story “first graders can’t put down” with this cap on vocab – all pulled from a list of just 350 words. Seuss came close with The Cat in the Hat, Seussville.com notes, which used 236. He’d later use exactly 50 words when he wrote Green Eggs and Ham. Dust off your copies of these classics on March 2, which is Seuss’ birthday – and Read Across America Day.

99,032 pounds

It’s been the record-setting weight of the world’s largest rubber band ball since 2008, reports Guinness World Records. The creator, Joel Waul, used a whopping 700,000 rubber bands to make the 6-foot-7-inch tall ball he dubbed “Megaton.” Why not make your own smaller version? The rubber band’s patent anniversary is March 17.


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