Green Glove Dryer Cures Wet Glove Woes

Leave it to a Michigan mom to find a solution for soggy gloves. Karen Smoots and her husband, Ryan, knew the struggle of drying winter gear for their kids, now 13 and 10, all too well.

“We came up with the concept in late 2013,” says Smoots of Portage, on the state’s west side. “It was a mild and wet winter, and (my sons’) gloves were sopping wet and stinky. I would consistently put the gloves on our register to dry, but would wake up and they had fallen over.”

The Green Glove Dryer, which is eco- and, at $19.95, wallet-friendly, comes as a floor or wall model, funneling warm air blowing from heating vents in your home up into gloves, boots and more. It takes 30 minutes to two hours to work, depending in part on your heat settings.

Since its 2014 release, the dryer has blasted off. It just got a cameo on Home Shopping Network. Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond, Dunham’s, Amazon or


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