Highly Sensitive People Quiz: Do You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?

In the March issue of Metro Parent, we discussed what it means to raise highly sensitive children and provided 8 tips for how to care for your highly sensitive child – or HSC. If you think you might be raising a highly sensitive child, take a look at the quiz below from The Highly Sensitive Person. See how many of these things your child does now or did in the past for a long period of time.

My child:

  • Startles easily.
  • Complains about scratchy clothing, seams in socks or labels against his/her skin.
  • Doesn’t usually enjoy big surprises.
  • Learns better from gentle correction than strong punishment.
  • Seems to read my mind.
  • Uses big words for his/her age.
  • Notices the slightest unusual odor.
  • Has a clever sense of humor.
  • Seems very intuitive.
  • Is hard to get to sleep after an exciting day.
  • Doesn’t do well after big changes.
  • Wants to change clothes if wet or sandy.
  • Asks lots of questions.
  • Is a perfectionist.
  • Notices the distress of others.
  • Prefers quiet play.
  • Asks deep, thought-provoking questions.
  • Is very sensitive to pain.
  • Is bothered by noisy places.
  • Notices subtleties (something that’s been moved, a change in a person’s appearance, etc.)
  • Considers if it is safe before climbing high.
  • Performs best when strangers aren’t present.
  • Feels things deeply.

If just a few couple characteristics are true of your child, but are extremely applicable, you may be raising an HSC. If 13 or more of these statements related to your kid, he or she is likely an HSC.

To learn more about raising highly sensitive children, take a peek at the March issue of Metro Parent.

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski


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