How to Keep Kids Cool, Get Rid of Wasps and More

Local readers and our managing editor offer some tips and tricks to make life a little easier around your home, including how to get rid of wasps and a 'work for hire' chore hack.

Is your kid feeling a little down about themselves? A Troy dad offers how he handled it when his son lost self-confidence. Plus, learn a simple way your kids can earn a little dough for helping around the house, how to get ride of wasps this summer and keep infants cool. And if you have a parenting or life hack that works wonders, tell us about it. We could feature it in an upcoming issue of Metro Parent and give you $25.

Work for Hire

Kids are always “saving up” for something, right? But when they want to earn money by doing age-appropriate chores, you might not have anything you need done (or the energy to find something). A friend gave me the idea to have a jar labeled “work for hire” full of popsicle sticks with always-needed tasks like loading or unloading the dishwasher, freshening up the bathroom, organizing the craft cabinet or even writing a letter to grandma. Label each stick with a dollar amount. So next time they ask for money? Just tell them to check the jar.

– Jessica Schrader, managing editor

Ice Pack Hack

When I would take walks with my kids in the hot summer months, I would wrap an ice pack in a washcloth and place it in the back of the baby’s infant car seat or baby carrier. It was an easy fix to keep them cool and comfortable. I’m sure it can get quite hot in those carriers!

– Judy Pegoraro, mom of three, Sterling Heights

Wasps Be Gone

Wasps were all around my house last year, so this year I put out two fake wasp nests and filled a spray bottle with half water, half vinegar and a couple drops of peppermint. I spray it on my house once a week (or at least when I know it’s not going to rain). Knock on wood, I have yet to deal with them!

– Rachael Collins, mom of one, Roseville

Bedtime Confidence Boost

I kept receiving feedback from teachers that my 6-year-old son was losing confidence. I started having a 10-minute conversation with him every night where I’d ask him open-ended questions. I slowly got him to open up and talk about his whole day and soon we realized the root cause of the problem. This conversation helps reinforce the good thoughts overnight and a more positive, confident child wakes up.

– Rajat Shah, dad of one, Troy

Got an awesome tip or trick? Visit and tell us all about it! If we feature yours here, you get $25. Simple as that.

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski


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