Is it OK for My Jewish Kids to Color Easter Eggs?

One mom wrote in asking whether she should let her Jewish kids color Easter eggs. Here's what other local parents have to say on the issue.

Each month, we pose a parenting question from local moms and dads to local moms and dads. This month, one mom and dad disagree on whether or not their kids, who are being raised Jewish, should be allowed to color Easter eggs. Here’s what other local parents have to say on the issue.

Mom’s Question 

We are Jewish but my kids really want to dye Easter eggs because they feel they are missing out on the fun. My husband is opposed to the idea. I suggested we see what other parents think before deciding. So, what do you think?

Metro Detroit Parents’ answers 

I was raised Jewish. We dyed eggs. I’m sure we didn’t call them Easter eggs. And we didn’t have any conversation about the religious aspects of Easter. We just liked the art project. I was not scarred for life. — Sophia S.

It’s harmless. — Landan V.

Maybe make it more of a science experiment than something related to religion? — Melissa A.

As a Christian I look at dyeing eggs as more of a spring activity than a religious activity, but I could understand how your husband feels. Given there are lots of options maybe it would be best to come to a compromise with your husband and the kids agree with. It’s mostly fun science. Especially if you use things that resist dye. You can dye tongue depressors, a cool pair of white sneakers, a T-shirt and tons of other stuff. You could always incorporate your religion into these items. My kids’ favorite part of egg dyeing is running around to the toilets in our house afterward and mixing the different colors to flush them. — Natalie C.

Dyeing eggs is a tradition that goes back thousands of years in pagan traditions. Perhaps if you talk about that historical aspect with your kids and approach it as a fun, seasonal, secular activity, it could be fun for everyone in your family. (Allow me to suggest from experience that it will be more fun for you and whoever cleans the floor if you skip the glitter egg dyeing kit and stick with the standard one instead.) — Shannan Y. 

Easter eggs are as religious as the Easter bunny and Cadbury chocolate. Have fun with it and think of it as a springtime art project! — Sara W.

My Hindu friend made a plea in middle school to her parents to celebrate Christmas and Easter. She told them that they had become commercialized holidays that are American and not Christian. She won and they started celebrating this American tradition that coincided with school breaks. She then was not left out of a childhood experience that all her friends were having. My family isn’t religious, but we have always celebrated these holidays more out of experiencing the magic of childhood and the joy of the tradition with family. In our house Santa and the Easter bunny were akin to the tooth fairy— Jessica D.

I don’t find Easter eggs to be religious at all. The eggs are actually based in more earth-based traditions as a symbol of new life and the season of spring. — Elizabeth K.

My husband’s Jewish, I’m Catholic. The Easter bunny is neither so color the eggs. My boys love it. — Karen S.

I grew up without it. It was upsetting but I survived. I understood it was my mother’s religious choice and accepted it. I now allow and participate in it with my children. Still the same religion but I’ve adapted it to our lifestyle. I don’t see any harm in eggs or hunts or games for Easter. — Sara P.

We don’t connect any religious symbolism whatsoever to the Easter Bunny or eggs. It’s just fun. — Jessica G.

Let them enjoy it! I’ve heard of plenty of Jewish people that like and have “Christmas” trees because of the beautiful lights. — Regina C.

I think Easter eggs themselves are harmless but being on the same page as your husband is important. — Sherry T.

Let them dye eggs. Big deal. It has nothing to do with religion. Do it for a fun family project together. — Nicole M.

Same boat. We have used our spring eggs on our Seder plate some years. — Heather P.

Metro Parent Editorial Team
Metro Parent Editorial Team
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