March Tips & Tricks for Families

Making slime, organizing puzzles and more household hacks for families to try this month and beyond.

Cure a belly ache the Filipino way, make slime for days and keep the ants at bay with this month’s tips from local readers. Be sure to submit your tips and tricks for next month too. If we like yours, we’ll feature it in an issue of Metro Parent and send you $25.

It’s slime time

Shaping three green paper hearts into a shamrock is cute. But this St. Paddy’s Day, try your luck with a gross craft: a slime rainbow, inspired by website Little Bins for Little Hands. Mix a half cup each of water and Elmer’s glue (we used the white type). Drip in six drops of food coloring; then pour in a half cup liquid starch and stir. Repeat for other colors in five fresh bowls (yellow + red = orange, red + blue = purple). Feeling brave? Add glitter. Reward crafters with a pot o’ gold chocolate coins.

– Kim Kovelle

Easy to stomach

Whether your stomach feels bloaty or achy, in my Filipino household, the best solution was to rub some aceite de manzanilla on your belly. Spanish for “oil of chamomile,” this essential oil, available on Amazon, is a great natural combatant for pain. It’s been there for me since I was a baby, and trust me, it works for all ages. It also pairs well with sleep: You’ll feel loads better when you wake up.

– Aleanna Siacon

Puzzle this out

Toddlers love wooden puzzles – especially getting them all out and dismantled at once. Make clean up easier on yourself by labeling the back of each puzzle piece and board so you quickly know what goes where. Pieces with a “1” might be the farm animal puzzle, “2” for zoo animals and so on.

– Jessica Schrader

Non-toxic ant spray

As the weather gets warmer, insects are more likely to show up indoors. Dr. Bronner’s tea tree castile soap (a two-ounce bottle is $3.19 on Amazon) can be used as a quick and easy ant prevention spray. Just mix a quarter cup soap with four cups water. It is safe to use indoors and out, but be careful around plants.

– Amanda Rahn

If you’ve got a life hack you love tell us about it through email at or on our website. We’ll give you $25 if it’s as fab as you say.

Photo by Lauren Jeziorski


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