Metro Parent’s Top Stories of 2020

As we near the end of 2020, take a look back at the stories parents in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor were reading this year.

Finally, this crazy year is nearly over! When 2020 began, little did we know something was coming that would change our lives so completely in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. Even in March, as the stay-in-place order went in effect, we collectively hoped the pandemic would be over quickly. As it turned out, that was not to be. But as parents and kids adapted to e-learning and found ways to keep their kids entertained at home due to the coronavirus, they also were also busy helping their kids learn about race and the election. Here’s a look back on some of the most-read Metro Parent stories this year.

1. 10 Examples of Patriotism That Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Young Black girl with an American flag

With the heated presidential election upon them, parents sought out advice from local teachers about easy ways to instill patriotism in their kids. We compiled a list of things kids growing up in America should know about our great country.

2. My Husband and I Both Caught COVID-19

One of the first stories we shared about COVID came from West Bloomfield mom Anasie Tayyen, who got it, along with her husband, a worker on the front lines. She shared with readers her fears and a story of survival that really captured our hearts.

3. An Overwhelmed Parent’s Guide to ‘Homeschooling’

The move to online learning caused a huge disruption and had parents scrambling for resources to ease the transition from school to kitchen table. The best thing to do? Lean on the lessons from moms who have been there, done that with homeschool.

4. Free Coloring Pages for Kids of All Ages

Boredom set in quickly as staying home. Our roundup of cool coloring pages, including a download of the super cute monsters that appear monthly in our magazine by local dad and monster master Brent Mosser, seemed to help.

5. The Reality of Being a Black Mom

After George Floyd was killed by police, sparking protests across Michigan and worldwide, we shared a poignant essay from Mori K. Anderson about how the killing of Black men affects the way she parents her two young kids. It begins, “Black moms are tired.” It’s a story worth another read.

6. Date Night Ideas: Fun Things for Parents to Do in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Just as kids felt trapped inside, so did their parents. So what if those extravagant date nights were on pause, we found virtual wine tastings and game night!

7. Is It Wrong I Love My Kids More Than My Husband?

We got a question from a mom that struck a chord because it’s something many moms also wonder: What if I do actually love my kids more than my hubby.

8. Mom Organizes DIY Face Masks for Metro Detroit Hospitals

So many people stepped up to help others this year and with each stitch, one of them, Ferndale mom Janie Hamilton, showed health care workers how much she cared as she and a team of people she recruited sewed thousands and thousands of masks. She was one of many we featured in our Look for the Helpers series.

9. Kids Are Putting Up Rainbows in Windows While Quarantined

Kids wanted to do their part to boost health care workers spirits, too. Instagram was filled with images of our local kids putting up rainbows to cheer everyone who saw them. We shared some adorable examples as well as other ways to show love and support to your community.

10. Evrod Cassimy Shares His Family’s Experiences with Miscarriage

There was loss this year, but there also was hope. That’s what we found when we talked with long-time morning anchor at WDIV about both his sadness and loss through three miscarriages and then news about his wife Danielle’s pregnancy with a daughter, due in 2021. We can’t wait to see those baby pics.

11. 2020 Best School Districts in Michigan According to Niche

Who doesn’t want to send their kids to the best school? This annual story is always a popular one as parents look to do the best they can for their kids – or at least see where their school district falls with the rest of Southeast Michigan.

12. 15 Places to Dine Outdoors This Winter

As the year dragged on, we still couldn’t eat inside, but we still wanted to go out to eat. We rounded up some great places to support local businesses while filling the belly.

13. Watch This, Do That Series

Scene from Black Panter with an arrow pointing to the cover of Black Panther from Little Golden Books
Image one from Black Panther. Image Two from Little Golden books

While thinking of ways to help families stuck at home, our “Watch This, Do That” series was born. The series pairs kid’s activities with your favorite movies like Elf, Moana, Toy Story and more.

Metro Parent Editorial Team
Metro Parent Editorial Team
Since 1986, the Metro Parent editorial team is trained to be the go-to source for metro Detroit families, offering a rich blend of expert advice, compelling stories, and the top local activities for kids. Renowned for their award-winning content, the team of editors and writers are dedicated to enriching family life by connecting parents with the finest resources and experiences our community has to offer.


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