25 Mom Influencers That You Need to Follow

Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. From what we feed our kids and the way we discipline them to how we have fun with them and how we educate them, parenting is different for each and every parent. 

That’s why it’s so interesting to see how other moms get the whole child-rearing thing done. 

Meet 25 mom influencers from metro Detroit and Ann Arbor that you should be following. Check them out here and follow them on Instagram for some seriously cool mommying content. 

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. There are many mom bloggers out there. This list is only meant to help you get your search started. 


Name: Christina and Jennifer Rhee

  • Handle: @mimosas.munchkins.muffintops
  • Followers: 10.8K

You’ll enjoy the peek inside the twin life of these two anesthesiologist moms who love fashion and family fun. (Check out our full feature in our January/February issue).


Name: Corinne Burghardt

  • Handle: @slayathomemother
  • Followers: 97.6K

Mom life can be messy, but Corinne helps you clean it up with her terrific cleaning tips, organization skills, mom life insights – and plenty of life hacks along the way


Name: Jee Young

  • Handle: @simplyeverythingblog
  • Followers: 59.1K

Jee shares her three boys and what she calls her daily chaos, but really she makes mom life look anything but chaotic.


Name: Marisa Kimmel

  • Handle: @marisakimmel
  • Followers: 16K

Life isn’t always perfect and Marisa gives her followers a raw look at mom life with the BRACA1 breast cancer gene and alopecia.


Name: April Ku

  • Handle: @Aprilwashereblog
  • Followers: 6.2K

Find adorable mommy and me ideas on this beautiful feed.


Name: Liz Braga

  • Handle: @hellolizbraga
  • Followers: 29.1K

Chic mom life has a good rep in Liz. Not only does she feel like she could be a bestie to everyone, her beautiful feed is full of family fun, attainable fashion ideas and glimpses into the “modern mère” life.


Name: Anne Adams

  • Handle: @curlsandcontours
  • Followers: 19.2K

This toddler mom rocks plus-size fashion with plenty of inspo to copy.


Name: Jennifer Hamra

  • Handle: @goodlifedetroit
  • Followers: 7.1K

Find inspiration to get our and explore with this Detroit lifestyle blog by a mom of six. She focuses on community, culture, family, food and fun events.


Name: Andrea Kucinski

  • Handle: @andreakucinski
  • Followers: 19.1K

We’ve loved Andrea’s Insta for a long time because of her affordable, fun looks with tips for the rest of us. Besides, she loves Target and doughnuts, too.


Name: Lynne

  • Handle: @poutnpower
  • Followers: 13.8K

Need ideas what to wear today? Lynne shares mom fashion that keeps things fun.


Name: Laura Loewen

  • Handle: @lifeasaloewen
  • Followers: 19.7K

Need a little free therapy? Laura is a therapist who isn’t shy about sharing tips to help moms get through the day.


Name: Kendra Bissig

  • Handle: @the_blondemom
  • Followers: 3.5K

This Grosse Pointe mom is all about helping other moms with practical fashion styling.


Name: Brittney B

  • Handle: @shesthehonestmom
  • Followers: 10.4K

Don’t feel like anyone understands you? Brittney’s got you. This Howell mom also is a big maternal mental health advocate.


Name: Rachel

  • Handle: @chasingthechalfants
  • Followers: 20.1K

This Ann Arbor mom of three is all about fun with her littles.


Name: Kristin Hill

  • Handle: @the.montessori.millennial
  • Followers: 2.9K

Kristin lives a Montessori-ish lifestyle with ideas she shares to help make other moms’ lives a little easier.


Name: Damarqio Williams

  • Handle: @detroitfather
  • Followers: 14.6K

This fun dad is all about building up dads in their kids’ lives and he and his adorable daughter will make you smile. (Note: Hear more from him in an upcoming issue of Metro Parent.)


Name: Miaisha Miller

  • Handle: @prettygirlpeeps
  • Followers: 10.1K

Miaisha is all about fashion with flare.


Name: Lauren “Elle” Akers

  • Handle: @lifeaselleblog
  • Followers: 2.9K

Lauren is a step mom who is gluten free and loves style, food and travel.


Name: Lauren Weber

  • Handle: @mrswebersneighborhood
  • Followers: 3.4K

Lauren shares family fun ideas, with a focus on nature, with her three.


Name: Malak Choughari

  • Handle: @sincerelymamamalak
  • Followers: 31.2K

Malak is all about clean eating and gentle parenting. Find yummy recipes, little wisdoms and pics of her beautiful family.


Name: Gabrielle Lawrence

  • Handle: @suburbanfashionista
  • Followers: 3.3K

This Southfield mom shares fun fashion and mom life.


Name: Kendall Rayburn

  • Handle: @kendallrayburn
  • Followers: 53.5K

This boy mom proves that mom life doesn’t have to be in black and white. She is full of color and fun.


Name: Shannon Murphy

  • Handle: @cupcakeshannon
  • Followers: 79.9K

Radio host and mom shares the fun outings she has with her kids and lots of smiles.


Name: Brittany Miles 

  • Handle: @brittmiles725 
  • Followers: 4,648

Brittany Miles is a metro Detroit-based mom who shares open and honest parenting moments along with recipes, fitness and inspiration. 


Name: Meg Foster 

  • Handle: @meg.in.the.mid
  • Followers: 14.7K

This Detroit area AP teacher runs a blog called The Inspired Single Mom and shares her story raising kids on her own. 

Do you love any other mom influencers? Share them with us in the comments so that we can add them to our list. 

This post was originally published in July 2020 and is updated regularly.

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