Nanny Myths, Debunked

Think hiring a nanny is just for those with deep pockets? Think again.

"Our nanny service starts can be cost effective and is a lot better than a daycare," says Lisa Rocquemore-Ariza, owner and executive director of Nanny Anytime of Waterford, Michigan. "Sometimes it comes out to about the same cost."

At Nanny Anytime, the service is about $12 an hour. A couple of dollars are added to the cost if you have more than one child. If a nanny is needed for the full day, it is $120.

Cases and costs

"My children go to daycare during the day, and I use a nanny for a couple of hours on the weekends," says Terri Woodard of Lathrup Village. "My husband and I have talked about using the service full-time, and the cost averages out to about the same cost."

Woodard uses the services to run errands and to have date nights with her husband.

Prices also go up if the nannies need to provide special needs for the children.

Personalized service

The nannies are handpicked for the families to ensure they will fit the needs of that family and the kids they are caring for. For instance, if parents just had a child, Rocquemore-Ariza only sends over nannies that have provided for infants before.

"If the nanny has not performed a certain type of task that the children needs, we wouldn't select them for your child. We'd pick someone else who has the skills your child needs," says Rocquemore-Ariza.

Rocquemore-Ariza only hires nannies with at least six months of childcare experience. When it comes to picking the nannies for the family, she sends over about five nannies to see whom the child clicks with better.

"We want the children and the parents to be there when it comes to meeting the nannies, so that the parents can see how the children interact with the nanny," says Rocquemore-Ariza

Karen Vesperini of St. Clair Shores is a stay-at-home mom who uses the nanny service four days out the week to run errands and get other things done.

"I love the interview process," says Vesperini. "I really get to see how well my child interacts with the nanny, and it assures me that they're in good hands."

Various options

Nanny Anytime also provides same day nanny service for emergencies. If a nanny's car breaks down and she can't make it to the parents' location, Rocquemore-Ariza sends someone else out as soon as possible, and it is usually someone that the parents have already met.

"I absolutely love how they are always there for you," says Woodard. "It is an outstanding service."


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