‘Real Life’ Child Care with Detroit Playcare

A mom of three launched her on-site child care business last November. Learn more about it here.

Ever met a 7-year-old who can network like a pro?

You might if you hang in the same circle as Samoy Smith, a stay-at-home, home- schooling mom of three who says her son Shai’s social prowess is just one side effect of her unique lifestyle.

“I’m a very rare unicorn in that I have my kids all the time,” says Smith, 31.

So when she’s out and about, you can expect to see Shai, Sophia, 5, and Foren, 3, by her side – or mingling with the grown-ups, as is often the case with Shai.

“Lo and behold, he’s holding his own in a conversation with a lawyer or a doctor,” she recalls from a recent event.

The idea that kids can and should be included is the motivation behind Detroit Playcare, an on-site child care business Samoy just launched last November offering services in homes, offices and anywhere else it’s needed.

“I feel like it’s an important cause to include children in our lives,” she says, especially for women who feel torn between being with their kids or pursuing opportunities where kids aren’t welcome. “A lot of times, especially in business and trying to be an entrepreneur, it’s expected that you don’t have kids,” Samoy says. “Having child care at a conference or a meeting helps remove that hurdle.”

Plus, it lets parents expose their children to new people and experiences when it’s appropriate and then have a safe, fun environment for them nearby when it’s not.

“It’s OK to include kids in life – in real life,” she says. “It’s something I really hold dear because I live this life.” She hopes to eventually make Detroit Playcare a worker-owned co-op where stay-at-home moms can make a living wage.

Detroit Playcare
On-site child care for all ages; usually 0-12
Costs: $25-$50-plus per hour (can bring toys, baby gear)
Contact: Currently providing care at select Detroit SOUP events; 313-574-6595


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