SWEET Artisan Marshmallow and Sweet Confections Boutique

Two words: horseradish marshmallow. It's one of the kooky, creative flavor ideas floating around in the head of Michele Bezue, co-owner of Detroit's newest treat store – and the region's trailblazing specialty marshmallow maker.

And if that flavor doesn't tickle your taste buds, SWEET Artisan Marshmallow and Sweet Confections Boutique certainly has one that will.

Michele, mom of three and grandma of four, and oldest daughter Kelsey opened for business last month. Inspired after a friend closed her candy shop, the pair had a vision.

"The shop before had your Skittles and M&M-type candy," says Kelsey, who runs SWEET's social media. "I wanted to do something different than that."

Boy, did they. Forget the preservative-packed little pillows at your grocer. These hand-cut delicacies are all natural – their "vanilla bean" puts store-bought bites to shame – except just one that features Faygo flavoring.

Marshmallow making was brand-new to mom, the culinary master. "I tried it and thought it was the coolest thing ever," she says. "They just take you back to your childhood, and you're just so happy for a second."

As she honed her chops, Michele veered toward strange and unusual flavors. Her fave: ginger-roasted cantaloupe with saki. There's also fried banana and curry, chocolate chipotle and a roasted sweet-potato chai concoction she's dubbed the "anti-pumpkin spice." She says, "I always want to put some sort of a twist on it to make it so that this is the only place you can get that marshmallow."

Their bright pink shop also features other locally made goodies like truffles and gourmet apples. Watch for a free kids activity at 10 a.m. Saturdays, too.


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