TikTok Mom Hacks You Need to Know About

From staying organized to traveling with ease, try these TikTok hacks in your home.

TikTok may be a popular teen pastime, and the perfect way to brush up on the current dance craze, but it can also function as an outlet for clever mom hacks. From ways to keep organized, to being smart when it comes to art and snack time with the little ones, there are moms ready to offer quick, creative solutions at a small cost. Here are three I love.

No more dried out markers

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It’s happened to the best of us – your kids misplace the caps to their markers, and by the time you discover this, they are all dried up. Luckily, Cleantok Cary has a hack that will ensure moms don’t need to buy markers in bulk. Hit your local discount store and buy a clear plastic lipstick holder, then hot glue the markers upside-down into each slot. The kids can use their favorite shade, and then place it back in slot, because the cap is right where they left it! For $4, this is an art area must.

Half the price, twice as nice bags

@howdoesshe Bet you’ve never seen this #lifehack before. #tipoftheday tag a mom friend! #momhack #fyp #healthylifestyle #instagood #love #mustsee #savemoney #easy ♬ Booty Swing – Parov Stelar

Sandwich bags can be intimidating for little appetites. Moms don’t need something so large for simple snacks on the go. Enter @HowDoesShe who has a free hack that will double your snack bag inventory. Simply heat up the metal part of a knife over the stovetop burner for a few seconds and immediately cut down the center of a sandwich size baggie. The heat not only cuts the bag in half vertically, it instantly seals the openings by melting the plastic. You now have two small snack bags for the price of one.

Staying sane when traveling

@kelseymorganfry 6 MOM HACKS. Like this for pt.2! #momlife #momhacks #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – kelseymorganfry

Organization and convenience are key when traveling with kids. For the perfect way to pack, @kelseymorganfry recommends making quart-sized Ziploc bags your new best travel buddy. Simply pack an outfit in each bag, complete with hair accessories, diaper, hats and socks, then label each day. When you arrive at your destination, it’s then easy to pull out bags for each day of vacation instead of sorting through a suitcase. These bags can double as a way to take the soiled clothing home without ruining the clean clothing.

Staci Hauk is a mom of two, who recently relocated to her hometown of Naperville from Arizona. She has worked in publishing for the last four years, both as an editor and head writer for several lifestyle magazines. She is also a published children’s author of Sawyer’s Two Cents. In her free time, Hauk plays the role of theater and soccer mom and loves to explore the city with her family and two dogs.

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