Tips & Tricks for Families

We’ve got reader’s laundry tips and how to make coffee when your in a pinch in this month’s tips and tricks. If you’ve got a life hack that you love, tell us about it. We may feature it in an issue of Metro Parent and give you $25.

Save your guac

Guacamole is what I call a “desert island” food. I could happily eat it every day. Unfortunately, it’s a pain in the butt. As soon as you crack open a tub or whip up a batch, you’ve got to eat it up before it goes brown. Air is its enemy. My best trick? Good ol’ H2O. Carefully pour a solid layer of water over the top of your guac to keep out the air. Then pour it off and mix it up when you’re ready to dive back in.

Julia Elliott

Dirty laundry trick

One thing that makes laundry duty even more tedious? Turning clothes right-side-out before you put them away. Here’s a fix: Wash and fold it as is. Receive it inside out, return it inside out. Your kids just might break the habit and think twice before tossing it in the hamper.

Jessica Schrader

No filter

Coffee filters perform a sacred duty in our house. But these simple-yet-sturdy items can take on more than java grounds. Naturally lint-free, they’re ace at wiping smudges from appliances – or, for a nasty spill on carpet, toss one down to blot. On the flip side: Out of filters? Use a paper towel. Brews up grand.

Kim Kovelle

DIY compost collecting

Planting season in southeast Michigan starts around mid-May. Got a compost pile for your garden? Make a compost bin for your kitchen. Using an old plastic coffee container, drill holes into the lid for airflow. To lock in odor, pick up a pack of carbon filters (a Nature’s Miracle two-pack is $3.19 on Amazon) and cut to fit the top of the can. Toss in non-meat scraps like veggies, eggshells and coffee grounds. Tote it out to the pile once it’s full.

Amanda Rahn

Do you have a tip or trick that makes your life easier? Tell us about it or email us at and you’re hack could score you $25 and a spot in an issue of Metro Parent


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