Winter Survival Hacks for Families

Learn how to keep your kiddies mittens together, create snow out of thin air and more parenting hacks that make those frigid winter months a little more bearable. Keep in mind, if you’ve got a life hack that works wonders for you and your kids, we want to hear about it! If we love your tips as much as you do, we’ll feature it in an issue of Metro Parent and give you 25 bucks.

Glove Keeper

Here’s an easy way to keep track of kids’ gloves. Measure one foot or so past your child’s arm span in yarn. Cut three strands and braid them together. Tie the ends through each glove or pin them to the cuff. Run the gloves up one arm across the back and into the other arm. The gloves dangle out at your child’s hands and they won’t lose them when they take their jacket off.

– Holly Pangrcic, reader: mom of two, Madison Heights

Give Winter the Boot

Tall boots taking up too much floor space? Use pants hangers to suspend them in your closet. Place the boots side-by-side and, where the top openings meet, pinch together with the two hanger clips. Worried about indents? Cut out rectangular pieces of canvas to put under the clips.

– Stacey Winconek

Washable Window Paint

This recipe is a boredom buster if you’re cooped up inside. Mix two-thirds washable tempera paint with one-third standard dish soap. Then let kids get creative. For a quick cleanup: Use wet paper towels or sponges to wipe the glass.

– Megan Krueger

Make It Snow

Freezing outside and no snow to show for it? Make your own! Boil water and – carefully – toss it into the cold air outside. A warning: People have been burned trying this. Keep wind direction in mind, use a small amount of water and only let the kids watch from a safe distance.

– Jessica Schrader

Boogie Bag

Nothing’s nastier than nursing a wicked runny nose on the couch enthroned in heaps of used snot rags. Along with that box of Puffs (yes, I’m a tissue snob), keep a grocery bag at hand for those discards. It’s portable and less pesky than a garbage can – and far more sanitary than the alternative.

– Kim Kovelle

Got a great tip or trick? Email it to or submit it online. If we use yours, you get $25. It’s that easy.


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