Young and Free Spokester Elizabeth 'Ebeth' Fielder

Looking for sound money advice? The 2014 Young and Free Spokester for Michigan First Credit Union, Elizabeth “Ebeth” Fielder, 22, of Dearborn can help. As Spokester, Fielder delivers money-saving tips to her peers in her blog and acts as the credit union’s rep for ages 17-25. What made her such a financial guru? We chatted with Fielder to find out.

Growing up saving

“My mom jokes around saying the first word I said was ‘sale.'” Her parents led by example, teaching her, “If I earn $9-$10 an hour,” and then go out and spend, say, $20, “that’s almost two hours of work.”

Her inspiration

Fielder says inspiring others drives her. First set goals, she says, and then see them through. “I want to inspire them to accomplish their goals.”

Sage advice

“Do more and worry less when it comes to finances,” she says. Try a more proactive approach to spending. “Look for cheaper ways to buy. Use your creativity to not feel the burden of day-to-day desire.” She recommends budgeting, finding coupons and searching for sales before going shopping.

Her biggest mistake

“When I was working in retail, I lived with my mother. I didn’t have any bills and did not realize the importance of putting money away,” she says. Instead, she spent her money on clothes. “I have a very lovely closet now because of it, but my savings account needs a little work.”

Budgeting for kids

“Open an account (for your kids) as soon as you can, so they can see that having that relationship is important.” Help them set goals and let them have fun reaching them. And, every day, “Find something to teach them.”


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