Building Confidence in Kids in Today’s World

A parent’s guide for the step-by-step process of planting confident seeds in youth who are growing up in the 2020s.

The growth of the tree starts from the ground up. When the seeds are planted, and the sun beams high, the tree can grow into its tallest and best self. Without the specialty needs from its environment, though, its leaves and overall growth may be affected. 

Confidence in kids grows in a similar fashion.  

Parents have all the right resources to create an environment to the best of their conditions for their children to thrive, and when they give those resources to their kids, those kids can grow into their best selves — letting their colors and branches soar high.  

Curious on what you need to give your kids to help them build confidence in today’s world? Check out these tips: 

Encourage them to plant their roots in new environments

Whether it’s getting involved in new opportunities in school or outside of school, experiences can lead to situations that will require new thinking. Although getting outside of your comfort zone may be scary, it can also be well worth the risk. One should create as many experiences as possible because this experience builds confidence and self-esteem

Add a positive perspective to adversity (when the seasons get cold, encourage them to stand tall)

When the season gets too cold for the trees, it’s easy for the tree to want to shed its leaves (tears) and curl up its branches for safety. But during these cold seasons are when they need the most love, support, and sunshine. So, when their caretakers hear a crackling issue hit on the trunk, they take action and give the trees what they need. 

Similarly, the push toward a positive mindset from parents can help kids manage adversity. When you are able to show your child that they can get through it, it will create a resilient mindset to overcome obstacles in life. Adversity will be prevalent in life, and it is important they develop the strength to push through challenges. 

Offer words of kindness, and positivity (remind them of their beautiful, colorful leaves)

Over the dinner table, kids may be reluctant to share every detail of their day, but when the lips do go loose, support them with positivity. No matter the size of the problem — big or small, causing trouble or not — stay on their side and back them up with kind words. 

With parents being the biggest influencers in their kids’ lives, spreading a little positivity can go a long way to affect the lives of the youth. Sayings like “you got this,” “nice job,” “congrats on your work,” and anything of the sort will give a little push that will make a big impact. 

In addition, reminding them why they are special can be a very important part of the process. Bringing about these positive characteristics of the children that you love and know best can be an instant mood booster.

Delete, untweet, and unshare the extra tech time.  (stay away from the toxins (pesticides) that may poison their roots)

The world can be a vastly informational place these days — especially with the digital world at the tips of our fingers. Less time on technology allows children to focus on what’s important in the real world and will avoid getting wrapped up in social comparison and self-doubt. 

It’s important they find themselves outside the “social screen,” and learn to grow their interests. By taking away the phones here and there, and letting them sit with their true selves, confidence comes to play. They realize that they are more than their screens and that they have the power to happily create their lives, for real.

Seek a challenge! (encourage them to tangle their branches and reach higher with other trees, in addition to coinciding with other plants)

Simply trying new things can expose children to experiences that will allow room for self-growth. Whether it is taking the challenging math class at school or trying out for the upper level sports team, children can learn a lot about themselves in the process. 

Not only that, but their self-efficacy improves when they realize they can do new things and accomplish the tasks at hand. Stepping out of their comfort zone can bring both positive physical and mental benefits that’ll stick with them for life.

Let go, to let them grow (finding their own power in their purpose)

Well, not literally. Giving kids a little space to find their own interests inside and outside of school can be a major part of the learning process. By allowing them to stay true to their colors early on, they can bring and maintain that sense of self throughout their lives. The splashes of water and storms that hit their leaves won’t wash away the colors of their leaves if they know, deep inside, what makes their leaves grow — and that is the passions and interests that keeps their youthful souls alive.  

Encourage them to take their hobbies seriously and work hard at what makes them tick.  When the hail, snow and storms hit their branches they will grow to stand steady as their light shines from the inside out.

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