Q&A With Izzy, the Star of Metro Parent’s Virtual Camp

Metro Parent sat down for a Q&A with Izzy, the STEM-loving host of Metro Parent's Virtual Camp, to get details about this year's installments.

Have you tuned into Virtual Camp: Summer of Science? If so, you probably know Izzy – a spunky, STEM-loving puppet who helps kids understand science.

She’s heading back to the small screen July 7-Aug. 11 for the fourth season of this free mini-series of science experiments, brought to you by Metro Parent and Detroit’s Michigan Science Center. We sat down with Izzy to chat about all the geeky fun.

1. Wow, Izzy – four seasons of science. Time flies! You haven’t aged a day.

“I know, right? I like to say science keeps me young.”

2. So what’s in store for kids in Season 4?

“We’re heading to the moon! It’s the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, so we’ve got some way-cool space experiments lined up – think rockets and craters. There’s even an experiment that goes with MiSci’s new DEPTH exhibit about water.”

3. Awesome! What’s your favorite experiment?

“Ooh, that’s tough. I’d have to say squishy circuits. It’s a safe, hands-on way to learn about electric circuits. Plus you make your own play dough. It’s easy and you can get super creative.”

4. What’s it like filming Virtual Camp?

“Amazing! My buddy Taylor and me get to meet all sorts of science experts and play at a real science center all day. In fact, in one episode, I get so excited for all the fun, I can’t sleep! Luckily, we find a cool experiment that helps me catch some z’s.”

5. Why do you think Virtual Camp is great for kids?

“I love vacation, but sometimes I miss being able to nerd out with friends. Virtual Camp gives kids like me a chance to learn and play all summer. If you’re busy when a new episode comes out, that’s OK! Watch it any day, any time and on any screen. It’s totally free – and you also can get free entry to MiSci just by taking a quiz after.”

6. Any closing words?

“Be sure to show off your experiments on Insta with #MPCamp to share all the fun!”

Virtual Camp 2019

Episodes of Virtual Camp drop on Sundays. Each has a video, downloadable guide and quiz. Here’s what’s up:

  • July 7: “Blast Off With Straw Rockets” and celebrate Apollo 11 while learning about physics.
  • July 14: Make a mini-moon model, complete with craters, during the “Crater Creation” experiment.
  • July 21: Dive into the chemistry of water with the “(Icy) Cool Balloon” project.
  • July 28: “Operation Filtration” teaches kids how water gets clean again – and gives them the opportunity to try it for themselves.
  • 4: Make your own rain stick to understand sound and soundscapes during “The Rainmaker” installment.
  • 11: “Squishy Circuits” sparks creativity with electric circuits in a safe way.

Not signed up for camp yet? There’s still time! Register your child here and get in on all the summer science fun!


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