Local 11-Year-Old Competes on Kids Baking Championship

Genevieve Kashat’s dessert business was part of Food Network’s 2023 Kids Baking Championship.

Genevieve Kashat is living out her dreams since she and her baking business were featured on a TV network she’s loved since she was a little girl.  It’s a passion she’s had since she was 3.

“I loved being in the kitchen with my mom,” the 11-year-old Troy girl says. “I would bring my pretend kitchen mixer and tools on the island and bake banana bread with her. She makes this amazing banana bread. It’s delicious.”

She started watching the Food Network at age 5 and her favorite show was “Kids Baking Championship”. She learned how to make cupcakes and, every Saturday, she would bake cupcakes to share with her church on Sundays. By the time she was 7, she was ready to learn new recipes from YouTube videos.

“When I came across the macarons [recipe] I was like, these look so hard and so fun, I want to do them! So, I did it,” she says. “It took me a long time to get the recipe just right. I tried different recipes and combined some and tried different things, so now the recipe I use is my own and I really love it.”

During the pandemic, Kashat spent the entire day baking and sharing new goodies with her family. 

“Being home was so much fun for me and my family,” Kashat says. “I had a chance to bake all day and try so many new desserts. And that’s when I perfected my French Macaron recipe.”

When she made them for an aunt’s small gathering, the people there wanted to place an order, encouraging her to start a business. By October 2020, Kashat launched that business, Gen’s Kreations, and began taking orders from customers from all over. She offers a range of baked goodies in the Detroit area, including cocoa bombs, cookies and cupcakes.

“My business is doing great,” she says. “Now 10 percent of every order goes to an orphanage in Iraq that’s maintained by the Chaldean Sisters there caring for all the kids.” 

Because of Kashat’s baking skills, the Food Network contacted her through Instagram to participate in “Kids Baking Championship” where young entrepreneurs compete for the title of Kids Baking Champion, a spot in Food Network Magazine and $25,000. On the show, the youngsters are tasked with developing the newest sweets and desserts as well as a business strategy.

“I was too amazed because it’s a dream come true that I’ve been wanting since I was 5 years old,” Kashat says.

Since the show aired, Kashat says she’s received a lot of support. 

“Many people have been supporting me and I’m so thankful for that,” she says. “And everyone is so nice about it.”

Watch “Kids Baking Championship” on Prime Video, discovery+ or Food Network GO. 

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