11 Children’s Books About Coronavirus

It's hard enough to talk to an adult about the pandemic, let alone a child, but these 11 books about coronavirus can help you start the conversation.

Books often make it easier to open up a dialogue with kids about tough issues. Rather than sitting them down to have a conversation, where they may be feeling on the defense, books can naturally lead into discussions.

As kids may be feeling all of the feels with the current pandemic, here are our favorite books to address COVID-19 from a variety of perspectives.

Christmas is Cancelled by Jessica Collaco


Follow two adorable bugs – Tick and Legs – as they try to celebrate the holidays 2020-style. While their celebrations are not the same this year without family and friends, they still find a way to get a little joy out of them.

Dear Essential Workers by Lauren Sugarman Moscov


This book is a love letter to those who continue to work on the front lines and play a pivotal role in our community during the pandemic. An excellent tool in teaching kids gratitude, one hundred percent of proceeds from this book support COVID-19 relief efforts.

Dr. Adam and the Virus by Hazem Nassar


Dr. Adam and the Virus is a great book for children who have questions about the coronavirus pandemic, such as how to stay safe and flatten the curve. With comic book illustrations, the book gives children a better understanding of the world we are living in.

Everyone’s Home by Tatiana Handfield


What will Meka and her family do while they are in quarantine together? Focusing on the family activities that can be done with everyone home at once, this book showcases the joys of family relationships in the time of lockdown.

Little Bluebird: A Hero in Me and You by Erin Murphy Welch


Emmi Bluebird and her friends show young readers how they can be heroes in the time of COVID-19 by doing simple things that make a big difference like wearing masks, washing hands and giving friends a little extra space.

Mommy in the Crazy Corona World by Tanya L. Mahller


This hilarious book takes a real life look at the not-so-glamorous jobs of moms juggling everything at once during coronavirus. A book sure to bring much deserved appreciation to moms everywhere.

My Pandemic Diary by Vedika Agrawal


Told from the perspective of a little girl who is confined to her home during lockdown, this book reminds readers to stay optimistic and positive during tough times. The story also provides fun ideas for kids to stay busy.

Sometimes You Have to Stay Home by Annette Blake


This book shows children that although their routines have changed, we are all in this together, and it is important to stay positive and maybe even try to learn a new thing or two with the extra time.

Stay Safe Little One by Claudia Amato


Written in rhyme, this colorful book will help the tiniest of kids understand the world we are living in, and provide them with hope and encouragement that one day soon we will be together again.

Where Did All the Playgrounds Go? by Sean J Laven


When a child asks a very real question — why he cannot go out to play? — he receives calming advice from a parent about how to rationalize the world and its restrictions.

Who Are Our Heroes? by Eliana Melmed


From mail carriers and truck drivers to teachers and medical professionals, this timely rhyming book highlights the everyday heroes who make it possible for society to continue to function during this time of crisis.

Looking for a place to buy a book in Metro Detroit or Ann Arbor? Check out our list of independent book shops — just be sure to call ahead about the book you want before heading out.

Lori Orlinsky
Lori Orlinsky
Lori Orlinsky is an award-winning journalist and bestselling children's book author. She is the mom of three little ladies who keep her on her toes.


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