Dad Focuses on Parents at The Center for Iyengar Yoga Royal Oak

Parents need time to unwind and reenter. Local father Chris Briney's Center for Iyengar Yoga Royal Oak studio offers a space for moms and dads to do just that.

Just consider it “meditation in action.” That’s how Chris Briney, owner of The Center for Iyengar Yoga Royal Oak studio, has been trained to teach yoga practice – and it’s often just what busy parents need.

“As a parent you’re pulled in so many directions, and oftentimes self-care suffers,” says Briney, the father of an 8-year-old. “If there are challenges for a child, you have to look to the parent’s well-being.

“If the parent’s well-being is out, the child is affected.”

Connecting with Iyengar

That’s one of many reasons Briney wanted to bring the Iyengar method of yoga to the community.

“You’re not only using your body in a dynamic way but you really have to pay attention, stay very focused and keep the mind from wavering when you’re practicing,” he explains.

As one of the most widely practiced forms of yoga, Iyengar emphasizes correct alignment and building strength, stamina and flexibility.

“Iyengar yoga is a yoga person’s yoga,” he says. “Nobody knows postures and their potential for transformation like (founder) B.K.S. Iyengar.”

A feeling of family

His wife, Tracy, is a massage therapist and also involved in the center, which opened last June. Their son Lucas can often be found there, too.

Parents should know the center is family-friendly and open to people of any experience level.

“You don’t have to know anything,” Briney says. “Your teacher is well trained to guide you step by step into the practice of yoga.”

Discover what’s here

The Center for Iyengar Yoga Royal Oak studio is located at 1204 E. 11 Mile Road. It offers various classes, workshops and events, including occasional “targeted” classes like yoga kurunta – also known as “puppet yoga,” or yoga with anchored ropes.

For the latest dates, times and schedule details, visit the website for the Center for Iyengar Yoga website.


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