First Time Doctor Visits

Whether you’re a first-time parent taking your baby on her first appointment, or you’ve switched to a new doctor – there is a level of uncertainty when it comes to taking your little one to the doctor’s office.

In this case, there’s one word to remember – preparation. That’s the key ingredient to a successful office visit.

Dr. Robert M. Blum of Southfield Pediatrics suggests that parents of first-time patients bring general medical information, including immunization records, a list of medications the kids are taking, a list of any chronic illnesses they have and the number to the pharmacy they plan to use.

If you’re a new mom or someone whose child is experiencing new symptoms or issues, have your questions and concerns ready to go.

“If they have them written down, we can go through every single one of them,” Dr. Blum says.

This way, you won’t feel frazzled or overwhelmed during the visit.

With such limited time to spend with the doctor, you want to ensure that you utilize the time and leave the appointment confident that you received all the information needed.

When it comes to the proper time to schedule an appointment, here are a couple of things Dr. Blum suggests.

If you’re coming in a for a well visit, Blum says to schedule your child’s appointment before his or her nap – ensuring that she’ll rest better after the exam.

Yes, Dr. Blum points out, the child will be a bit fussy during the visit, but it’s nothing a pediatrician can’t handle.

Scheduling a visit for your suddenly sick child is a bit different. No matter what time you go in, the child is going to be fussy.

However, since illness comes quickly and unexpectedly, scheduling an appointment ahead of time is out of the question, so Dr. Blum suggests one thing:

“It is helpful if people have sick kids that they can call early in the morning,” he says.

This ensures that the doctor is able to see the child the same day. Calling midday does not allow ample time for the appointment to be fit in.

If you are still unclear as to what the doctor may need from you, asking a nurse or receptionist beforehand is a great way to ensure the appointment runs smoothly.

Other resources include the office’s website, which provides general resources and information on the doctor.


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