Minimergency Kit for Moms

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's – Supermom!

Juggling kids, errands, work and friends takes a special set of super powers. Be prepared for any mommy emergency with this Minimergency Kit from Ms. & Mrs. – a mom's utility belt packed into a sporty three-inch case.

Scraped knee? Grab a fun adhesive bandage.

Bored kids? Pull out crayons and the smallest pack of cards you've ever seen.

Late for date night? The kit has you covered with earring backs, clear hair elastics, a deodorant towelette and even a tiny emery board.

This mini survival kit holds a variety of other goodies, too: caffeine gum, lip balm, pain reliever, breath freshener, a sewing kit and more. Toss one in your purse and stash another in the car; the white transparent mesh case keeps the mommy must-haves neat and organized.

Hey, even Supermom needs a little backup. To keep mom and the kids happy, the Minimergency Kit for Moms packs a serious punch with 17 total essentials.

Ms. & Mrs. is a mom-and-daughter company founded by two sisters (the Ms.) and their mom (the Mrs.). The company also offers mini survival kits tailored for men, college students and professionals.

Order the Minimergency Kit for Moms for $16 from the Ms. & Mrs. website. Order kit refills there, too.


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