Mindful Monday Tips to Try at Home

Learn how to incorporate these mindfulness strategies at home.

Mindful Mondays are an on-trend way that teachers cultivate students’ sense of well-being during the school week. The idea is simple: on a Monday, in 10 minutes or less, they present a tangible activity, such as a breathing exercise or gratitude journaling. Then throughout the week, they provide opportunities for the students to practice. 

It works great in the classroom, and it can work great at home, too.

Easy ways to get started

Play background music. Meditation music works really well to set the tone for bedtime. 

Offer a scent with a diffuser, air spray, candle or incense. Try lavender, jasmine, rosemary and vanilla. 

The sense of touch can make us feel grounded and connected. Be intentional about hugging, snuggling and lovingly touching your child. 

Take a walk after dinner together. Move slowly. Point out beautiful things that you notice: Look at that cloud. Do you see that bunny?

Make chores a mindful practice. As you do the dishes alongside your child, talk about how good the warm water feels and how satisfying it is to have a clean sink and kitchen.

Show your child how to make their bed. It’s a simple activity, but it can set the tone for a successful day. 

At bedtime, initiate a conversation using the following script: Did you notice (fill in the blank)? How did it make you feel? How could you use (fill in the blank) to help you feel (fill in the blank) during the week at home and school?

Be intentional

Here are a few ideas to incorporate mindfulness into what you are already doing with more intention:

At bedtime read your child a picture book about mindfulness. I love I Am Peace by Susan Verde. It’s short and thoughtful with beautiful pictures that beg you to slow down.

Keep a family gratitude journal at the kitchen table. Start it off by writing specific things for which you are grateful about each of your family members.

Learn to meditate. There are many apps to try these days. Smiling Mind is a free app created by a group of seasoned psychologists with guided meditations that are simple and easy to follow. For younger children, Breath, Think, Do with Sesame uses a lovable monster from Sesame Street to teach meditation.

Want more?

Visit a good website to learn more about mindfulness. One of my favorites as a teacher is mondaycampaigns.org, which helps schools, businesses and families launch their own Mindful Monday programs. The “Resources’’ page is full of valuable tools and resources. 

I have found many great activities on copingskillsforkids.com. They also have a store that includes journals, coloring pages, decks of instructional cards and more. 

Big Life Journal is another site to add to your favorites. Besides offering awesome ideas for mindful parenting, they create journals, worksheets, and guides to help facilitate important conversations between parent and child. Sign up for the Friday Freebie, to get a free download delivered to your mailbox weekly. 

Teaching your child mindfulness at home should be just as important as teaching your child to brush their teeth. When children can become fully present in the moment, they have the opportunity to fully experience life in a joyful way. 

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Steffy McCourt
Steffy McCourt
Steffy McCourt brings over 15 years of experience in education, parenting, and travel writing for esteemed publications like We Are Teachers and LA Family Travel. Recognized for her commitment to advancing literacy and writing skills, Steffy is honored to be a Fellow of the National Writing Project. She collaborates with educators nationwide to enhance teaching practices and empower student writers.


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