My Mantra: It Takes a Village

Parenting can be overwhelming but it's easier when you're not alone — and that's what inspired Nicole Spicer's mantra: It takes a village.

Nicole Spicer is a Warren mom of three beautiful children who loves spending time with her family. She isn’t afraid to admit that parenting can sometimes be overwhelming. But Spicer says she knows she is not alone and can reach out to her village for help when she needs it.

“When I first had my children, I really didn’t know what to do. I just called my mom for everything,” she explains. “I really didn’t know of any resources offhand so she was my first go-to.”

From there, she started networking with other moms and her community to learn about different milestones and provide support for one another.

“Using the doctor, the community, other moms, my mom, friends, family, it took a whole network just to keep my kids going because I was completely clueless as a new mom. I didn’t know what to do,” she adds.

Learn more on how Spicer built her village and what her parenting mantra means here:

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