New Decade, New Look

If there is one constant in life, it’s change. People come and go. Businesses open and close. Trends emerge and fade. So when something lasts, it’s notable, right?

This year, Metro Parent marks its 30th year of existence. Call it an anniversary or a birthday, it boils down to the fact that a little local parenting mag started at the kitchen table of our founder Alyssa Martina back in 1986 has survived and thrived for three decades – and that’s something to recognize and celebrate.

Not all of the past 30 years have been easy. The publishing industry has changed a lot over the years, and we’ve had lean years. But we learned to adapt. Change – it’s inevitable even within the things that survive.

Alyssa, for instance, is no longer the publisher of Metro Parent, though she remains our president and “precedent” for a commitment to quality. Now, the role of publisher has been taken on by her business partner, Alexis Bourkoulas, who also acts as our V.P. and chief revenue officer. Alexis’ passion for publishing is as strong now as it was 28 years ago when she joined the company fresh out of college. It was her leadership that led to a redesign of Metro Parent for its 30th birthday.

Call it a face-lift, if you will, but it means a whole new look for Metro Parent. For instance, we’ve ditched the newsprint “guts” of our magazine and have gone full-coated stock – inside and out. For years we on the creative team (designers and editors) would bemoan that the pages looked so much better on our computer screens than they did once they were printed. No more!

We’ve also changed up our departments – adding, subtracting and revamping. My two favorite additions (right now, at least) are My Obsession, where our writers and our readers can submit a product, website or whatever they just love and want to share with everyone, and Two Cents, a platform for local parents to give their take on a parenting issue.

As far as revamped pieces, look no further than our Calendar, or what we’re calling Fun Guide, inspired by our popular annual ancillary publication. Instead of giving you a daily calendar, which you can find online at, we’ve decided to curate the cream of the calendar crop. A big shout-out to managing editor and listings maven Kim Kovelle for her tireless work on taking this essential element of our magazine to the next level – and for her efforts to bring all of our new departments to life. Couldn’t do it without you, Kimosabe!

Another huge shout-out to our creative director, Kelly Buren, who spent many long nights in her digital workshop to develop a new aesthetic to take our 30-year-old magazine to a whole new level. It felt fitting that Kelly would lead this effort. She just turned 30 too, so she understands the importance of going into your next decade with a fresh focus, a fabulous look and hope for a kick-ass future.


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