Angry Dad Loses His Cool on U.S. Highway

Everyone has a little bit of road rage – which usually stems from some other driver’s dumb driving decisions. But do you know anyone who has road rage because of the actual road?

Meet Angry Dad. Now, before you read anymore of this post, please note that there is a lot of cursing in the video below, so be sure no kids are around!

On the YouTube channel Angry Dad, an Australian father drives on a U.S. Highway in Hawaii for the first time. The video, which has more than 25,000 views, shows the father Mark Orval dropping the F-bomb throughout the video as he is driving down the highway, reports.

His son Mitchell Orval records the experience and laughs along with his family the entire time. While dealing with a problem with the steering wheel, trying to stay in the lane and being unsure of where drivers are turning, the father nearly loses his mind.

“Mitchell is saying I’m too right, you’re saying I’m too left,” dad says.

Every time his family makes a comment about the road, Orval flips out, which makes them laugh. At some point the father declares he is not driving back and would rather catch a bus as son Mitchell admits it was the best car ride of his life.

With more than 30,000 YouTube subscribers and more than half a million likes on Facebook, Angry Dad is becoming an interesting twist to family humor.

Even though the video is about Angry Dad and his outbursts on the road, I can’t help but smile because the video shows more than an upset father driving. It shows a family having a good time and making memories on their road trip. Some of the best jokes and stories come from road trips, Kid World Citizen reports. It allows families to try something new together and build conversations among each other.

The incident is something they would be able to talk about when they go home. They would say: “Hey dad, remember the time when…”

Family trips are meant to be safe, fun and happy experiences. The point of doing a family trip is not only to relax and take a few days from work, but also to bring the family closer together

I have to admit watching Orval and his outbursts did make me laugh – I’m wondering if he laughed when he finally saw the video, too.

What are your thoughts? Did you find the video amusing?


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